Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Jessica Wilton

MA Candidate
Visual History and Historical Memory, 20th Century Canadian Queer History



Bachelor of Arts Honours in History, University of King’s College, 2018


After graduating with Honours in History, a Minor in Contemporary Philosophy and a Certificate in Visual Culture my research interests focus on the intersection between history, photography, and memory.

At Queen’s, under the supervision of Dr. Caroline-Isabelle Caron, I am exploring historical memory and trauma in Toronto's Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement in the 1970s and 1980s by analyzing photographs of protest and violence in The Body Politic liberation magazine. 


Wilton, Jessica. “Laughing at Everyone: An Analysis of Satire in Ilf and Petrov's The Little Golden Calf.” Beryoza Dalhousie University Russian Studies Society Journal, no 1: 6-11. 2018. 
Wilton, Jessica. “Film in the Weimar Republic: Pandora’s Box and the Femme Fatale.” Supercut Dalhousie Cinema and Media Studies Undergraduate Journal. 2018.