NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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HMRC-CREATE Program Final Report

The following content is supplemental information for the Final Report submitted to NSERC

2. Progress Towards Objectives/Milestones

Objective 1: Integrated Research Teams

Objective 2: Translational skills 

3. Training and Research

Program uptake

A recruitment plan was designed by the awards and selection working group to meet the targets in the original create project.  A key performance indicator is the number of trainees enrolled in and graduating from the program as indicated in Table 3.1. There was a target of 8 M.Sc., 4 Ph.D. and 4 PDF trainees to complete the program by year 6. These targets were met or exceeded with 13 M.Sc., 8 Ph.D. and 4 PDF completions.

Table 3.1 Graduate student and postdoctoral fellow trainees in program.  Target numbers are from the original proposal.

1 In year 2 one of the Ph.D. students left the graduate program for personal reasons. She had completed the HMRC-CREATE professional training modules.

2 In year 5 a Ph.D. student left the graduate program to pursue a military career. He had completed the HMRC-CREATE training modules.

3.2 Screening Tools 

The detailed recruitment process is described in: Recruitment and Selection