NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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The HMRC-CREATE Mentoring Guide

HMRC-CREATE uses a layered approach to mentorship. Learn more about mentors' roles. The mentoring guide is designed to provide the trainees (interns, graduate students, post-doc fellows); faculty supervisors and advisors participating in the HMRC-CREATE training program with key program information. A unique feature of the HMRC-CREATE program is that all trainees (mentees) are supported by a team of mentors (faculty supervisor; a Program Advisor; a peer mentor; and clinicians). The trainees participate in mentored relationships throughout the course of their program.

Learning Plan

The trainees engage in on-going relationships with a variety of mentors (supervisors and advisors). Mentors and mentees are provided with training opportunities to learn more about the CREATE mentorship model. The mentoring initiative is one of many professional development approaches that is anchored to a broader competency-based curriculum.

Purpose of this Mentoring Guide

  • It is a guide for mentoring conversations
  • It is a tool for orientation and training new mentees and mentors
  • It is a resource with worksheets to use for learner needs assessments and evaluations
  • It is as a reference guide for the HMRC-CREATE program
  • It discusses the program's approach to mentoring the trainees

Using the Mentoring Guide

The content and pace will depend on each trainee's (mentee's) needs and progress. You may adapt and use this guide for your meetings, portfolio reviews, and on-going mentoring conversations. These mentoring guidelines focus on the professional roles and competencies for which the trainees are being prepared. The mentoring experience is a vehicle for reinforcing learning and for providing on-going feedback.

What is mentoring all about? This is another research-based resource on effective mentorship. It introduces key facets of mentoring cultures, types of mentoring, mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities, establishing effective mentoring relationships, and additional resources for both mentors and mentees.