NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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We engage all stakeholders in determining needs and priorities, processes, and outcomes related to the program . All trainees are asked to complete a needs assessment to identify their learning needs, expectations, and entry-level competencies; in order to develop one's learning plan.

The learner needs assessment is also means to understand and enhance the program's design, experiences, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation processes.The program stakeholders are evaluated throughout the program.

Learn more about the HMRC-CREATE Assessment and Evaluation framework. This framework features on-going assessment and evaluation processes. Each phase should not be viewed as a distinct, stand-alone event but as a part of an on-going process. The feedback and outcomes from each phase inform the next (indicated in arrows). The assessment and evaluation framework is learner-centered and features a portfolio-based approach to provide trainees with the opportunity to critically reflect on learning outcomes. Trainees work is evaluated on an on-going basis by the mentor during periodic portfolio review meetings. These meetings are opportunities for discussing issues of concern and progress made.

Alongside portfolios, other tools and methods will be employed to assess learning and determine the effectiveness of the program, including:

  • focus groups
  • online questionnaires
  • one-on-one interviews with various stakeholders

Email us to learn more about the study's process and results. The data collection process has been reviewed and approved by the university's Ethics Board (GREB) ensuring that ethics standards for research involving human participants are maintained.