NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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A portfolio is a collection of documents that showcase an individual's experiences, interests, skills, and knowledge. Trainees will create and maintain portfolios, which also serve as a means of formative and summative assessment. The structure of the portfolio is centered on the five key roles and competencies. Trainees will determine how to present their progress using their portfolios in a unique way that best represents their work, interests, and career goals. 

The portfolios will serve these key objectives:

  • Development: Displays work that has been completed and future learning objectives.
  • Reflective: Allows trainees to critically assess their own work by reviewing how closely the work adheres to established learning plan(s) and objective(s).
  • Representation: Illustrates skills and abilities, including samples of work (such as significant professional accomplishments).

Download Portfolio Review Guide and Worksheets: