NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Goals of the Mentorship Program

The mentorship experience is a vehicle for reinforcing learning, building relations, coaching, assessing, and evaluating trainees. It is a key means through which trainees (mentees) and faculty mentors will seek and provide feedback. The key goals of the HMRC CREATE mentoring program are to:

Guide the development of technical, research, leadership, management, and professional competencies.

  • Effectively lead and manage a research team(s).
  • Complete a collaborative research project(s).
  • Submit at least one manuscript for publication by graduation.

Guide a mentee to successfully begin, engage in, and complete the training program.

  • Successfully identify one's learning goals and develop a professional development plan (learning plan).
  • Complete one's program meeting the objectives set in one's learning plan (duration varies).
  • Create and maintain a professional portfolio showcasing one's competencies.

Foster the development of professional relationships.

  • Establish and maintain effective mentor-mentee relationships during the program and beyond.
  • Establish professional networks within and beyond Queen's.