NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Phase 1: Recruitment of Trainees

Program Participants: The HMRC-CREATE program attracts various types of students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate levels. The trainees are enrolled in various departments at Queen's University or at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a collaborating institution. One may participate in the program with an NSERC-CREATE grant or through other funding options.

 There are multiple pathways to participating in the HMRC-CREATE program. One may participate in the HMRC-CREATE program as a:

  • Continuing student at Queen's
  • New student entering Queen's
  • External student in a partnering institution (collaborators)

Whether a student is continuing or new to Queen's, the application process will differ depending on whether the applicant is seeking to be funded by a CREATE grant or not. Download application forms.

Funding Options

Full-time Interns and Trainees: Such trainees are fully-funded by NSERC-CREATE grants and receive the following amounts depending on their program level:

  • Research Interns: $6220. Duration 16 weeks from May to August
  • Master's Trainee: maximum funding for 18 months @$17,300
  • Ph.D. Trainee: maximum funding for 3 years @$21,000
  • Post Doctoral Fellows: maximum funding for 2 years @ $40,000

Graduate Research Trainees: Trainees in this category are partially-funded for a 12-week period when they are engaged in the Integrated Research Team (IRT) project. Receive a maximum of $2500 stipend

NB: Graduate trainees will engage in research within an IRT in lieu of a Teaching Assistantship.

Professional Development Students: Some students may not funded by a NSERC-CREATE grant but they are eligible to register for Professional Development modules. They will receive a certificate for each module that is successfully completed.

Collaborators: These students are from partner institutions, for example, the University of Wisconsin at Madison. It is up to the partner institution's program to determine whether they receive a certificate or not. Students are advised to check with their program/professor to clarify what kind of credit/certification will be received by participating in part of the HMRC-CREATE program.

Awards and Selection Process

The Awards and Selection Working Group reviews all complete applications that are submitted by the deadline. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.