NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Translational Researcher Role

Role Description

A Translational Researcher recognizes key issues in clinical practice and effectively disseminates research into practice.

Core Competencies

  1. Health care Delivery: Understand the processes and models of health care delivery, including roles, responsibilities, and issues associated with system stakeholders.
  2. Clinical Practices: Recognize key issues in clinical practice related to bone and joint health, including challenges related to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with mobility limitations.
  3. Clinical Research: Demonstrate an ability to formulate research questions addressing clinical problems in bone and joint health.
  4. Research Planning and Execution: Demonstrate an ability to plan and execute an appropriate scientific, clinical and technical literature review for a research project.
  5. Research Dissemination: Effectively disseminate research to influence policy and practice guidelines.