NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Commercialization and Regulation

Description: This module covers basic vocabulary and key issues of commercialization practice, including medical device regulation.

Instructional Goal: To develop an understanding of basic vocabulary and key issues of commercialization and medical device regulation practices.

  • Use basic vocabulary related to commercialization practice.
  • Describe the key issues related to commercialization practice and medical product development.
  • Identify models for university-industry interactions for research and product development.
  • Identify strategies for evaluating and protecting intellectual property.
  • Identify the key steps in medical product development.
  • Discuss medical device regulation practices.
  • Describe the role of research in product development.
  • Discuss strategies for licensing, creating and managing new ventures; attracting research support for projects with downstream potential; and managing an early-stage venture fund.
  • Differentiate among business models for commercialization.
  • Identify strategies for developing and strengthening partnerships with private and public sectors to conduct practical, leading-edge research.
  • Select product development methods related to one's research field.


PARTEQ Innovations

Queen's NSERC Chair in Engineering Design

Queen's Centre for Business Venturing

Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

Instructional Methods

  • Classroom sessions
  • Review and analysis of commercialization case studies
  • Analysis of patent applications