NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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The HMRC-CREATE is an innovative research program that facilitates collaboration between medical, engineering, and scientific professions, working together to produce research outcomes that directly benefit patients.

Based in the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC), trainees develop computer-assisted techniques used to guide the design, fabrication, and implantation of patient-optimized, biologically enhanced materials at an early stage of degenerative disease.

The HMRC's professional core staff facilitates the interaction of over 40 participating faculty members and over 50 graduate students. One of its unique features is the use of a collaborative research environment in which researchers from three faculties share resources in multidisciplinary teams. Learn more about the 2010 collaborative research projects.

The research trainees are mentored throughout their program as they develop their collaborative research skills within Integrated Research Teams (IRTs) and are expected to publish their research. The program provides highly qualified personnel trained in the integration of engineering principles, biological sciences, and information technology to solve patient-oriented clinical problems through research that supports medical product development.

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