NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Integrated Research Teams (IRTs)

HMRC-CREATE trainees will be actively involved in on-going research. Research is conducted by Integrated Research Teams (IRTs), a unique feature of the program. The research program is designed to develop multidisciplinary research skills that will facilitate transition to the workforce. These teams also facilitate an increasing trainee interaction with the biomedical device industry both in research and product development.

[IRT chart]

The framework for an Integrated Research Team (IRT) facilitates frequent interaction among key team members and provides effective participation of scientific and clinical professionals that is essential to successful research outcomes.

It recognizes that in both academic and commercial research, there is limited time availability for senior team members; scientific and clinical team members are engaged in specific roles that are consistent with their professional activities outside research. The IRT structure can be adapted to a broad range of multidisciplinary academic and commercialization research projects and timelines and researchers trained in the model can use these skills in their future activities.

HMRC-CREATE Research 2010 Pilot Projects

IRT Skills Course Description