NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Forms for Faculty

The Researcher Statement is to be completed by faculty members nominating CREATE trainees.

Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Fellow Nominations (MS Word 201 kB)

Summer Trainee Nominations (MS Word 197 kB)

Undergraduate Summer Interns: Application Process

The applications process for summer interns occurs during the winter or spring term. Applicants must be in their second or third year of study to qualify. Learn more about the internship program. To apply to the HMRC-CREATE internship program, potential interns should submit the following documents via email:

Master's and Ph.D. Trainees: Application Process

This is a two-step process for potential master's or Ph.D. students interested in joining the program.

Step 1:Apply to Queen's School of Graduate Studies

Step 2:Apply to the HMRC-CREATE program by submitting the following materials:

Applications will be vetted by members of the Awards Committee with the assistance of the Trainee Review Sheet (TRS).   TRS section and item weights will be decided by the committee prior to adjudication. A minimum rating of "1" for some TRS items may be required for applications to continue in the vetting process. Final decisions will be made in reference to the TRS, but ultimate decisions will be made by committee discussion and vote. At the Awards Committee meeting theme leaders will discuss each candidate within their theme based on prior conversation(s) with the researcher.

    Post-Doctoral Fellows: Application Process

    To apply to the HMRC-CREATE program, submit the following documents via email:

    • CV
    • Cover letter
    • Two letters of recommendation

    Travel Forms for Current Trainees

    Travel Application Form (200 KB)

    Travel Application Form (MS Word 30 KB)