NSERC CREATE Training Program

in Bone and Joint Health Technologies

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Interns, Graduate Trainees, and Post-Doctoral Fellows

HMRC-CREATE interns, graduate trainees, and post-doctoral fellows participate in Integrated Research Teams (IRTs) working with clinicians and senior scientists. Trainees are expected to participate in collaborative research, mentoring, and training. These activities are intended to promote their exposure to various skills and knowledge that may not otherwise be gained from a regular program.

The HMRC-CREATE program is learner-centered, geared towards preparing them for key roles in the field of Bone and Joint Health profession. Activities are conducted with the goal of broadening the trainees' competencies. Many aspects of the HMRC-CREATE program are well integrated into the regular programs in biomedical sciences and engineering within postgraduate programs in surgery, medicine, and rehabilitation therapy.

In addition to professional development modules, trainees participate in various complementary activities (options) through field travel, clinical rounds, service learning activities, and collaborative research with biomedical researchers at Queen's or at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The trainees are also required to present and publish their research.