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Opportunities for Giving

Several opportunities exist to empower the Centre to expand, enhance and sustain its research and innovation programs, accelerating the delivery of new technologies and novel treatments from "bench to bedside".

Your gift could advance the work of the Centre in a variety of ways, including:

  • Enhancing an Integrated Research Team - funding a faculty position or Research Chair for 10 years;
  • Fuelling Discovery - supporting the fundamental research that leads to innovation, such as new computer models that will assist the surgeon to accurately predict the forces and motions of a joint when planning a repair procedure, and new materials to repair structural tissues such as ligaments and tendons.
  • Supporting Innovation - developing technologies that have been proven in the experimental setting to make them compatible with operating rooms and cost-effective within the health care system; accelerating and optimizing the production of tissue-engineered and stem-cell based bone and joint repair materials to make them practical technologies for future routine use;
  • Equipping a Joint-Screening Centre - providing new devices and technologies to measure knees, hips and other joints, contributing to earlier diagnosis and repair
  • Championing Mobility - establishing a fund to support the Centre's existing and emerging priorities

We would be pleased to explore on or more of the above options with you in greater detail, in accordance with your interests.

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