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Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Ryan Bicknell, Associate Professor, Surgery/Attending Staff KGH
Dr. Davide Bardana Dr. Ryan Bicknell Dr. Dan Borschneck

Associate Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 6333
Nickle 3 KGH

Computer assisted ACL reconstruction, high tibial osteotomy and Mosaicplasty, development of computerized clinical ACL outcome database, ACL Tensioning, High Tibial Osteotomy fixation, surgical skills education

Associate Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 6597
Watkins 4-3-113 KGH

Shoulder/elbow biomechanics, computer assisted surgery, kinematic studies of shoulder/elbow, 3D motion and imaging studies of shoulder/elbow

Associate Professor

613.549.6666 ext 3351

Paediatric orthopaedics, limb deformities, epidemiology

Dr. Aaron Campbell, Assistant Professor, Surgery/Attending Staff - KGH Dr. Mark Harrison, Assistant Professor Program Director, Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program/Attending Staff - KGH
Dr. Aaron Campbell Dr. Rachael Da Cunha Dr. Mark Harrison

Assistant Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 6802
Nickle 3-310 KGH

Anterior cruciate femoral tunnel technique, tibial slope measurement

Assistant Professor

613.549.6666 ext. 6597

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Surgery, Complex Deformity Reconstruction Surgery, Limb Lengthening, Trauma

Assistant Professor, Program Director Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program

613.549.6666 Ext. 4357
Watkins 1-4-115 KGH

Clinical mechanics, advanced bone graft substitutes, relationships between patellar tracking, pain and cartilage degeneration n patients with patella/femoral pan syndrome, objective measures of function and disabilities for patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis, treatment of MSK infections

Dr. David Pichora, Professor, Surgery, Helliwell Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery/Attending Staff - KGH Dr. John Rudan, Professor and Head of Department of Surgery Britton Smith Chair in Surgery/Attending Staff - KGH
Dr. Steve Mann Dr. David Pichora Dr. John Rudan

Assistant Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 3670

Alternate bearing surfaces in hip arthroplasty, Medical education (especially professionalism and competence).

Professor, Paul B. Helliwell Chair in Orthopaedic Research

President & CEO, Kingston Health Sciences Centre 

613.549.6666 Ext. 3395
Nickle 3 KGH

Computer assisted surgery, wrist and shoulder biomechanics, kinematic studies of rheumatoid wrist, 3D motion and imaging studies of upper extremities

Professor, Head of Department of Surgery, Britton Smith Chair in Surgery

613.549.666 Ext. 3670
Victory 3 KGH

Computer assisted orthopaedic surgery, total joint surgery, oncology

Dr. Gavin Wood Dr. Kristi Wood Dr. Jeff Yach  

Assistant Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 4899
Victory 3 KGH

Arthroplasty, Femoral Acetabular Impingement, Hip Arthroscopy

Assistant Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 3351

Clinical outcomes

Assistant Professor

Chair, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery

613.549.6666 Ext. 3961
Watkins 4-3-103 KGH

Trauma, spine, computer-enhanced surgery

Dr. David Yen    

Associate Professor

613.549.6666 Ext. 2545
Douglas 5 KGH

Spine surgery research outcomes, biomechanics of spinal instrumentation, thromboembolism prophylaxis, education studies


Applied Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Ali Etemad Dr. Evelyn Morin  
Dr. Ali Etemad Dr. Evelyn Morin  

Assistant Professor

Walter Light Hall 601

Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Wearables, Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing, and Human-Computer Interaction


Walter Light Hall 515

Biological signal analysis, muscle activation to force modeling, ergonomics and human performance




Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Tim Bryant - Mechanical and Materials Engineering Dr. Claire Davies - Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Tim Bryant Claire Davies Kevin Deluzio
Professor Emeritus

613.533.2578, McLaughlin Hall 200

Artificial Joints, Ergonomics, Knee Mechanic

Assistant Professor

613.533.8743, McLaughlin Hall 203

Biomechanics, Assistive Technology

Dean and Professor

Biomechanics of Human Motion, Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Dr. Il Yong Kim, PhD, Mechanical Engineering Dr. Qingguo Li, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Genevieve Dumas Il Yong Kim Qingguo Li

Professor Emerita

613.533.2648, McLaughlin Hall 323B

Spine Mechanics, Biomechanics of Pregnancy

Associate Professor

613.533.3077, McLaughlin Hall 305

Design optimization & multi-objective optimization in biomechanical systems design

Associate Professor

613.533.3191, McLaughlin Hall 301A

Biomechanical System Design, Robotics, Locomotion

Dr. Chris Mechefske, Asssociate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dr. Keith Pilkey, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Chris Mechefske A. Keith Pilkey Heidi Ploeg


613.533.3148, McLaughlin Hall 326

Vibration and noise reduction in biomedical equipment (MRIs), prosthetic component testing, modeling and design, biomechanics of artificial limbs


613.533.6303, Nicol Hall 303

Materials and Manufacturing

Associate Professor

613.537.4893 McLaughlin Hall 303B

Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Mechanobiology, Mechanical Fatigue, Design


Dr. Rick Sellens, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Michael Rainbow Roshni Rainbow Rick Sellens  

Assistant Professor

613.533.2896. McLaughlin Hall 205

Biomechanics, Imaging, Computational Modeling

Assistant Professor

x74840, McLaughlin Hall, Room 303

Mechanobiology, Tissue engineering / Biomaterials, Biomechanics

Associate Professor

613.533.6760, McLaughlin Hall 209

Image guided surgery, bone quality assessment, wrist kinematics






















































    Chemical Engineering

Dr. Brian Amsden, Professor, Chemical Engineering Dr. Aris Docoslis, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Dr. Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Brian Amsden Aris Docoslis Lindsay Fitzpatrick


613.533.3093, Biosciences 1422A

Polymer biomaterials, protein drug delivery, tissue engineering, controlled release, diffusion in gels and polymer solutions

Associate Professor

613.533.6949, Dupuis Hall 208

Colloid and surface phenomena, self-and directed-assembly of nanostructures, AC electrokinetics and microfluids

Assistant Professor

613.533.8936, Dupuis Hall 302

Biomedical engineering, identifying molecular mechanisms that govern inflammation in presence of biomaterials, develop materials for chronic wound therapies

Dr. Lauren Flynn, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Dr. Stephen Waldman, Professor, Chemical Engineering Dr. Laura Wells, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Lauren Flynn Stephen Waldman Laura Wells

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Adipose-derived stem cells, soft tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, natural biomaterials, dynamic cell culture, bioreactors

Adjunct Associate Professor

Tissue engineering, mechanical stimulation, cartilage, ligament, meniscus, intervertebral disc

Assistant Professor

613.533.5836, Dupuis Hall 301

Biomedical engineering, polymeric materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering in wound healing and ophthalmic applications

  Dr. Kim Woodhouse, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, Professor  
  Kim Woodhouse  


Soft tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, biomimetic materials



School of Computing

Dr. Dorothea Blostein, Professor, School of Computing Dr. Randy Ellis, Professor, School of Computing Dr. Gabor Fichtinger, Professor, Cancer Care Ontario Research Chair, School of Computing
Dorothea Blostein Randy Ellis Gabor Fichtinger


613.533.6537, Goodwin 720

Structural Homeostatis, Fascial Network Computing, concussion and fascia

Professor, Queen's Research Chair in Computer Assisted Surgery

613.533.6536, Goodwin 737A

Computer assisted surgery

Professor, Cancer Care Ontario Research Chair

613.548.3258, Goodwin 725

Medical Image Computing, and Computer-Assisted Interventions

Dr. Manuela Kunz, Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Computing Dr. Parvin Mousavi, Associate Professor, School of Computing Dr. James Stewart, Professor, School of Computing
Manuela Kunz Parvin Mousavi James Stewart

Adjunct Assistant Professor

613.548.2430, HMRC 4-2-402

Biomedical computing, computer assisted surgery

Associate Professor

613.533.607,0 Goodwin 729

Bioinformatics, systems biology, medical imaging processing and molecular imaging


613.533.3156, Goodwin 732

Computer assisted surgery, surgical user interfaces and computer modeling

School of Rehabilitation Therapy

  Brenda Brouwer, Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy  
  Brenda Brouwer  


613.533.6087, Louise D. Acton 218

Examining modulations in motor cortical output relative to changes in physical function in stroke and quantifying the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and metabolic limitations following stroke

Dr. Norma MacIntyre, Adjunct Faculty, School of Rehabilitation Therapy Dr. Linda MacLean, Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy Dr. Kathleen Norman, School of Rehabilitation Therapy
Norma MacIntyre Linda MacLean Kathleen Norman

Adjunct Faculty

905.525.9140 Ext. 2116, Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Mechanisms influencing bone and joint health, such as sensorimotor and biomechanical factors, muscle-bone-joint interactions and the biological and clinical effects of physical agents


613.562.5800 Ext. 2544, Health Science, University of Ottawa

Measurement of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular function (neurophysiology and biomechanics), predictive models of successful rehabilitation outcomes


613.533.6104, Louise D. Action 233

Understanding the movement of impairment and disability associated with neurological disorders, effects of rehabilitation interventions on tremor and bradykinesia in people with Parkinson's, essential tremor


  Dr. Lucie Pelland, Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy  
  Lucie Pelland  


613.533.3237, Louise D. Action 212

Understanding the development of sensory-motor control in both typical child development and in selected paediatric clinical populations. Visually-guided reaching is used as a model to explore the dynamic influences of neural maturation, cognition and limb mechanics on the development and learning of sensory-motor control. 


School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Dr. Patrick Costigan, Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Dr. Joan Stevenson, Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Dr. Michael Tschakovsky, Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Patrick Costigan Joan Stevenson Michael Tschakovsky


613.533.6603, PEC 223

Investigate orthopaedic problems such as osteoarthritis using 3D motion analysis equipment, effects of surgical and non-surgical interventions

Professor Emerita

613.533.6288, PEC 225

Reducing the prevalence of low back pain, ergonomic design of equipment


613.533.4697, PEC 303A

Nature of mechanisms controlling blood vessels involved in adjusting exercising muscle blood flow (oxygen delivery) and how disturbances and disease affect this control


Dr. Dean Tripp, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology Dr. Nicholas Troje, Professor, Department of Psychology
Dean Tripp Niko Troje

Associate Professor

613.533.6955, Humphrey Hall 320

Focused on examining models of self-regulation in regard to appraisals and coping in patients suffering from visceral pain, examining pain and its associated disability, relationship distress, and emotional distress.


613.533.6017, Humphrey Hall 344

Study of the link between visual perception and sensorimotor control of posture and gait

Biomedical and Molecular Science

Dr. Inka Brockhausen, Associate Professor, Biomedical & Molecular Science, Glycobiology Lab
Inka Brockhausen

Associate Professor

613.533.2927, Etherington Hall 1021

To understand the biochemical mechanisms underlying diseases such as inflammation, infections and cancer. Studies of the role of protein glycosylation in cell behaviour and cell death will reveal new mechanisms in cancer and inflammation.


Dr. Tassos Anastassiades, Head, Division of Rheumatology Dr. Henry Averns, Professor, Medicine, Rheumatology Dr. Tanveer Towheed, Department of Medicine, Rheumatology
Dr. Tassos Anastassiades Dr Henry Averns Dr. Tanveer Towheed

Head, Division of Rheumatology

613.533.2971, Botterell Hall 612

Arthritis, the molecular basis of the repair of damaged articular cartilage

Professor , Division of Rheumatology

613.533.6604, Etherington Hall 2067

Seronegative spondyloarthritis and reactive arthritis

Assistant Professor, Division of Rheumatology

613.545.6896, Etherington Hall

Health status assessment in rheumatoid arthritis, ultrasound measured bone density of the calcaneus, outcomes after total hip replacement.



Dr. Fraser Saunders, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Neurosurgery
Dr. Fraser Saunders

Assistant Professor/Attending Staff KGH

613.544.1284, 95 King St. East

Neurosurgery, CVD - Cerebral Vascular Disease



Dr. Paul Fenton, Professor, Radiology
Dr. Paul Fenton


Diagnostic Radiology