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Charles Sorbie Conference Room

The Charles Sorbie Conference Room provides a large, inviting and comfortable space that is equipped to host meetings, seminars and workshops.  On one side of the Conference Room there is an area for chair seating directly in front of a projection screen which is ideal for seminars or lectures.  On the right side of the room there is an area for meetings with a configurable table and 50" plasma screen mounted on the wall at the end of the table.  Please note that the room can be re-configured to suit the needs of a particular event.

Our Conference Room provides a podium equipped with video, audio and ethernet ports to support a laptop connection.  A laptop can be connected at the podium to a ceiling mounted projection unit which displays to a 92" Da-Lite electric projection screen at the front of the room or to a 50" plasma screen located at the back of the room or to both.  Please note that we do not supply a laptop.

There is a permanent KGH PC connected to the KGH network that is accessible with a valid KGH system account. This system's display can also be projected through the overhead projection unit and/or plasma screen.

HMRC's Charles Sorbie Conference RoomHMRC's Charles Sorbie Conference Room

The room is equipped with a VSX 7400e Polycom videoconferencing system with a fixed, wall-mounted camera that can be moved laterally for alternate views of the rooms and five ceiling-mounted microphones strategically placed to pick-up audio.  The Polycom can be connect to the KGH network connecting to any other Polycom in the hospital, or it can be connected to the HMRC's network to videoconference with up to two remote Polycom systems.  Audio and video can be received and sent out through the Polycom system.  Presentations or other document displayed on a laptop, or KGH PC may be displayed to remotes sites as well.

There is a portable Crestron control unit located in the podium which controls all the presentation functions and videoconferencing equipment in the room for the convenience of the user.

HMRC's Charles Sorbie Conference Room

The Conference Room is equipped with a speaker system and a DVD/VHS combination VCR contained within the videconferencing cabinet.  Throughout the room there are numerous Ethernet drops that can be activated for internet connection.

The Polycom SoundStation2 teleconferencing unit which is normally located in the CF Small room may also be connected and used in the Conference Room.

Capacity of the room is 40 people.