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Equipment Listing

HMRC has a wide variety of specialized research equipment that can be used for connective tissue, bio-simulation, tissue processing, prosthesis design, software development and gait analysis.

AMTI Force 5

Purpose: The Force 5 is a multi-purpose, servo-hydraulic multi-axis testing machine used for material, fatigue, orthopaedic, product and other single and multi-axis testing. It can be used for joint simulation, product testing, materials evaluation, and cadaver-based studies. It can be configured for hip, knee or spine simulations.

AMTI Force 5


  • 4 independent actuators
  • Configurable for 2, 4 or 5 degrees of freedom
  • Vertical actuator: Linear travel (2 inch, 50 mm) Vertical tension / compression (1000 lb, 4500 N) Rotary motion (200 degrees), Rotary torque (400 in-lb, 45 N-m)
  • Horizontal actuator: Linear travel (2 inch, 50 mm)
  • Tension/compression load (1000 lb, 4500 N)
  • Rotary motion (±100 degrees) Rotary torque (400 in-lb, 45.2 N-m)
  • Adjustable load
  • 64" clearance between cross head and load cell
  • 6 component load cell measures 3 forces (Fx, Fy, and Fz) and three moments (Mx, My, and Mz)
  • Vibration mounts
  • Test fluid temperature control (70-120°F/20-50°C
  • Fluid circulation and fluid reservoir with low level detection
  • Real time data display with 39 channels


AMTI Ortho Pod

The Ortho Pod is a six station, pin on plate, wear-testing machine.

AMTI Ortho Pod


  • Six pin and plate stations
  • Temperature controlled platen for isothermal testing
  • Isolated fluid immersion chambers for each station
  • Multi-axis load cell option for friction and wear measurements
  • Station load maximum of 445N (100lbs)
  • Vertical position sensor with 1 0micron resolution at each station
  • Pin speed - 180 degrees/sec. pin torque 20 inch-lbs (2.26Nm)
  • Pin rotation axis 5.2cm (2.062in) fixed radius
  • Platen speed 0-180 degrees/sec., platen torque 120 inch-lbs (13.5Nm)



Mettler-Toledo DSC-1
Measures Thermal Properties of Materials.

Nicolet ATR-FTIR Scanning Microscope
Indicates the presence of chemical functional groups on materials surfaces.

Olympus VF1000 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
A real-time thermocycler (Roche Light Cycler 480) and a Beckman Biomeck 3000 liquid handling system that is used for gene expression analysis.

Biosyntech MACH 1

The MACH 1 is a mechanical testing system used on specimens between tens of microns and a few centimeters to mechanically stimulate and characterize tissues, polymers, gels, capsules, adhesive or foods. The MACH 1 uses load and displacement controlled motions to determine stiffness, strength, modulus, viscoelasticity, plasticity, hardness, adhesion, swelling, relaxation and creep.

Biosyntech MACH 1 - mechanical testing system


  • Displacement control with 25nm
  • Interchangeable load cells permitting maximum loads between +/-150g and +/-10kg
  • Incubator available for testing in sterile conditions or at temperatures up to 37°C
  • Stress relaxation, ramp, dynamic sinusoids and creep tests in user specified order
  • Cameras allow for visualization of specimen during testing
  • Elecric field detection
  • Ultrasonic imaging
Computer Assisted Surgery

3D Guidance medSAFE with preamp and 180 6DOF sensor
Pulsed-DC magnetic tracker for surgical navigation. It tracks the instant position and orientation of micro-miniaturized sensors for intrabody navigation, measurement, and localization of medical instruments or catheters.

GE Voluson Ultrasound System
GE Voluson ultrasound system combines 2D and 3D technology for exceptional image quality.


ELectroForce (ELF) 3230 with WinTest

ELectroForce (ELF) 3230 with WinTest

ELectroForce (ELF) 3230 with WinTest

To perform precision materials tests including tension/compression, fatigue and dynamic materials characterization. To provide superior flexibility and precision for dynamic testing of micro-electronics, biomaterials, tissue engineered medical devices, foods, elastomers and other engineered materials.


  • Load Cell
  • Frequency 0.01-200HZ
  • Load: 0=250N
  • Displacement: +/-12.7mm
  • Temperature: -80 to 250°C
  • Environments: 37°C Saline Cell for in-vivo biomedical simulation.


EVG 510HE - Semi-Automated Hot Embossing System
The EVG 510HE semi-automated hot embossing system is designed for embossing and non-imprinting applications. It can be used for hot embossing applications of polymer substrates and spin-on polymers.
EVG 510HE -Semi-Automated Hot Embossing System
Human Mobility Research Lab (HMRL)

AMTI Force Platforms
Output centre of contact pressure under the foot as well as magnitude and direction of the ground reaction force throughout foot contact.

AMTI Instrumented Tandem Treadmill
Captures force data continuously over many cycles and during high-demand incline or decline conditions.

C-Motion Visual 3D Professional (Software)
Processes and analyzes biomechanical metrics from force, motion and EMG data.

Novel pliance-x System
The pliance-x is a dynamic pressure distribution measuring system with capactive sensors that measure pressure distribution between soft and curved surfaces. The elasticity of the sensor mats permits conformability to 3-dimensional deformations. The system is designed for a variety of testing use including medical, ergonomic, and biomechanic applications.

Qualisys Motion Capture Cameras
Real-time calculation and capture of anatomy during gait and high-demand activities.

TekScan EH-1 USB Handle and CONFORMat Pressuring Mapping System
A body pressure measurement system that uses tactile pressure sensors to measure pressure distribution on support surfaces.

Laser Scanning

Shapegrabber 3D scanner model LM6000, with scanner heads SG100 and SG1000

Shapegrabber 3D Scanner Model LM600

The LM600 is a 3D laser scanner that provides images for small and medium size parts.


  • Accurate to 0.05mm(0.002in)
  • Produces 18,000 to 100,000+ points per second
  • Scan Volume of 600mm x 160mm x 160mm (24" x 7" x 7")
  • Point Density of 1280 points on a line with a 1.3 Mega Pixel Imager


MTS Bionix Servohydraulic Axial/Torsional Test System


The Axial/torsional configuration of the Bionex tabletop system enables bi-axial testing, controlling torsional moments up to +/-250Nm (+/ and total rotations of 270 degrees. It is excellent for testing the durability and wear properties of components such as knee, hip and spine implants. When paired with specialized subsystems and accessories, it is capable of performing both simple and complex kinematics studies of skeletal tissue and orthopaedic constructs.

MTS Bionix Servohydraulic Axial/Torsional Test System

Load Frame: MTS Model 370.02 - 25kN Cap
Actuator: Axial - Torsional
Vertical Test space (in/max): 398/1335mm
Dynamic Stroke: 150mm
Load Cell:
1. MTS 66.20H-04

  • Axial/Torsional Load Cell
  • Axial Rating: 15kN
  • Torsional Rating: 150Nm
  • Load Cell Thread Form: M8 x 1.25mm

1. MTS 661.19F-01

  • Axial Load Cell
  • Axial Rating: 5kN
  • Load Cell Thread Form: M8 x 1.25mm


  • Model Number: 634.12F-24
  • Gage Length: 25mm
  • Displacement Neg: -2.5mm
  • Displacement Pos: 12.5mn

Hydraulic Wedge Grips
6" Plate



KLA Tencor P 15 KLA

KLA Tencor P 15 KLA Profilometer

The P-15 is a programmable stylus profiler system that provides 2D and 3D topographic measurements on a variety of surfaces.


  • The P-15 is equipped with a standard MicroHead that has a vertical range of 0 to 327mm and is capable of scanning at forces between 1mg and 50mg.
  • The Stylus has a 2.0mm radius.
  • The maximum horizontal scan length is 80mm.
Rapid Prototyping

Dimension SSST 1200es 3D printer

Dimension 1200es SST 3D Printer

To print a 3D model from a cad file.


  • Model material ABS plus
  • Soluble support technology
  • 10 x 10 x 12-inch (254 x 254 x 305mm) build size
  • Layer thickness: 0.254mm (0.10in) or 0.33mm (.013in)


AR2000 - Rheometer

The Ar2000 is a rheometer which provides structure characterization of fluids, polymer melts, solids and reactive materials.


  • 2 modes - controlled rate (CR) and controlled Stress (CS)
  • Minimum Torque Oscillation CR: 0.03μN.m, Minimum Torque Oscillation CS: 0.1μN.m
  • Minimum Torque Steady CR: 0.05μN.m, Minimum Torque Stead CS: 0.1μN.M
  • Maximum Torque: 20mN.m
  • Angular Velocity Range (CR): 0-300rad/s, Angular Velocity Range (CS): 1E-8 - 300rad/s
  • Frequency Range: 7.5E-7 - 628rad/s
  • Displacement Resolution: 40nrad
  • Step Change in Velocity: 25ms
  • Normal/Axial Force Range: 0.005 - 50N
  • Peltier Plate: -40 to 200°C
  • Environmental Test Chamber: -160 to 600°C
  • Concentric Cylinder: 0-20 to 150°C
  • Upper Heated Plate: -30 to 150°C
  • Electrically Heated Plate: -70 to 400°C
Tissue Engineering

Beckman Coulter LS6500 Multipurpose Scintillation Counter:
The Beckman LS 6500 Scintillation System is a bench top liquid scintillation counter, with a Motorola 68000 Series microprocessor, a digital signal processor, and a 31,767 channel multichannel analyzer. It is designed to provide high accurate, automated counting of the level of radioactivity in radioactively tagged samples. The instrument can perform several types of calculations on the data obtained from counting, as selected by the user.

EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter
The 3D Bioplotter is a Rapid Prototyping tool for processing a great variety of biomaterials within the process of Computer Aided Tissue Engineering from 3D CAD models and patient CT data to the physical 3D scaffold with a designed and defined outer form and an open inner structure. The 3D-Bioplotter has the capacity of fabricating scaffolds using the widest range of materials of any singular Rapid Prototyping machine, from soft hydrogels over polymer models up to hard ceramics and metals.

Environmental Scanning EM
Scanning electron microscope.

Perkin Elmer Enspire Multimode Plate Reader
Scanning spectrophotometer which uses label-free technology with labelled detection to obtain data about cell and biochemical systems.

Thermo Scientific Forma Series II Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator
Carbon dioxide incubators provide in-vitro environments for cell culture minimizing airborne contamination.

Thermo Scientific Sorvall T1 Centrifuge
The Sorvall T1 Series provides high capacity in a compact foot print, permitting the processing of a large number of samples simultaneously.

Polycom HDX 7000 HD Videconference System - Ontario Telemedicine Network
Portable Polycom videconferencing system connected to the Ontario Telemedicine Network allowing access to Hospitals, Clinics, teaching facilities and other health care centres and providers in Ontario. For educational, academic and clinical use.
XCT 2000L Research pQCT Low Resolution Scanner
Stratec XCT 2000L low resolution CT scanner
Peripheral quantitative computed tomograph for the measurement at radius or tibia with variable collimation. Evaluation of columetric bone density, bone geometry and muscle parameter.