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Human Rights and Equity Office
Human Rights and Equity Office

Women Recreated Mosaic Project - First Mosaic

Click on each image to find out more about the piece of art and it's artist.

A1, Into the Light, Ming Lam
B1, Standing Tall, Beth Ten Hove
C1, The Queen and Confetti, Rielly Stares
D1, Faces of Women's Survival: Growth (Part 1, Healing)
E1, Escape, Penghui Sun
F1, Faces of Women's Survival: Growth (Part III Dispirited), William Monague
G1, Eagle Spirit Woman, David Maracle
A2, Two Women, Aleks Bartosik
B2, Strength in Numbers, Judy Blue Anderson
C2, I Will Survive, Lisa Cripps
D2, Underwater Women, Debra Hetherington Day
E2, Rebirth (Part 1), Dozay Christmas
F2, Rebirth (Part 2), Dozay Christmas
G2, Everyone in me is a bird, Jessica Marion Barr. Everyone in me is a bird, I am beating all my wings - Anne Sexton
A3, Magic Day, Eva Campbell
B3, Untitled, Kaisa Moran
C3, Taking (on) Fright, Ramneek Pooni
D3, Untitled, Christine Pensa
E3, Creative Differences, Trevor Waurechen
F3, Untitled, Sara Persoa
G3, Untitled, Katie Kline. I am a body, a poem, a pen, a story just beginning. Broken in some places but whole in most - Stacyan Chin
A4, Equisita, Cheryl Pelow. Calirfornia to (vers) Montreal. She travelled far to find herself...Pelow
B4, Hold on 'Til Dawn, Carol Anne MacLean
C4, Women in Teaching, Amie Revell
D4, Family Life, Nancy Douglas
E4, SUntitled, Sumeet Shakya
F4, Untitled, Hope and Discovery Artisans
G4, Metis Arrow Sash Women Honour Shawl, Mark MiLan
A5, Untitled, Ekta Singh
B5, Clotheslines, Lynda Harris
C5, Holding, Rosemary Mason. Hail Mary full of grace blessed art thou. Hail Mary, Pray for us...if everything happens for a reason. then the gift of suffering is to teach us to be brave when we are afraid, to be strong when we are weak, to be wise in the midst of confusion and to let go of that which we can no longer hold. Lasting victories are won in the heart...we have time in abundance and eternity, to repeat our mistakes, but we need only once to correct them. Then, at last, we will hear the song of enlightenment, with which we can break the chain of vengence forever. In your heart you can hear it now. It is the song you have been singing since the moment of your birth.
D5, Untitled, Irène Bujarar
E5, Planting Hope, Sally Chupick
F5, Untitled, Tracy John
G5, Untitled, Tracy John
A6, The Glass Box, Bonnie McLean. 'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom' -Anais Nin
B6, Untitled, Hailey Newton
C6, Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, Caroline Karungi
D6, Recreation, Sagar Manandhar
E6, Untitled, Michelle de Villiers
F6, Untitled, Tracy John
G6, Untitled, Tracy John
A7, Untitled, Jana Pausch. Against gender based violence. Knowledge. Visual. Innovation. Hand Craft. Eyes. Decision. Goodbyes. Candidly. Joyously. Altogther. Community.
B7, TMoon Lady, Leela Viswanathan
C7, Untitled, Sagesse Deanne
D7, Broken but Together, Asli Alin
E7, Window to the Soul, Marion Janssens. I am women hear me...
F7, The Lioness, Samantha Leger
G7, Untitled, Emily Gong
A8, Inversion, Savannah Silva
B8, I Have Always Known, Irène Bujara
C8, Untitled, Ania Ochocinski
D8, The Journey, Donna Lynn Debassige Brinkworth
E8, Untitled, Erin Schiffner
F8, Dreamer, Paul Brandejs
G8, Mendings, Nancy Douglas
A9, Mother Nature, Maria Nunez
B9, Untitled, Amy Roger
C9, Golden Daughter, Jennifer Zhang
D9, Renewal, Keirsten Smith
E9, Corner Store, Laura Warburton
F9, Untitled, Natasha Klink
G9, Untitled, Olivia Mersereau
When you get on the other side of the problem, you look and you see you did it, and you know you are stronger.  Vickie Downey from Wisdom's Daughters: Conversations with Women Elders of Native America. 1993.