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Human Rights and Equity Office
Human Rights and Equity Office

Women Recreated Mosaic Project - Second Mosaic

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A1, Untitled, Maridee Osolinsky
B1, Untitled, Maridee Osolinsky
C1, Untitled, Kasey Harrington
D1, Faith, Maria Susanna Penning
E1, Escape, Penghui Sun
F1, Beyone Clouds, Suzanne Berton
G1, You can't break me, Meri Diamond with credit to Tammy Wintle
A2, Untitled, L
B2, Protection, Cheryl Pelow
C2, Tolerance, Cheryl Pelow
D2, Into the Light, Sheena Graham
E2, Litany Against Fear, Lindsay Watson
F2, PLACE TITLE HERE, Racheal Dodgeson
G2, Shangri-la, Robin King
A3, Untitled, Lisa Dewar
B3, Untitled, Olivia Mersereau
C3, Untitled, Rachel Lee
D3, Untitled, Suzanne Biro
E3, These walls are paper-thin, Aleks Bartok
F3, A door right there, Nick Csernak
G3, Untitled, Willa Crouder
A4, Untitled, Caroline Karungi
B4, Flight, Marion Janssens
C4, Labour and Delivery, Kathryn Vilela
D4, Untitled, Willa Crouder and Sarah
E4, She Will Dance Again, Joan Romano
F4, Untitled, Frankie Lemonde Meunier
G4, Metis Arrow Sash Women Honour Shawl, Mark MiLan
A5, Untitled, Amy Roger
B5, Young women with strong, well-shpared arms, Debra Hetherington Day. Young Woman, with strong well-shaped arms: You are of Willow -0 resilient, flexible, energetic, confident And of Essence of Orange again Spirit infused You breathe in life and love shine! shine! shine!
C5, Sydney in Orange, Jamie MacDonald
D5, Untitled, Frankie Lemonde-Meunier
E5, Untitled, Amy Roger
F5, Untitled, Katelyn MacLachlan
G5, Manuranzi, Seen and Heard, Heather Haynes
A6, Untitled, Ruth Dukas
B6, Eau, Irène Bujara
C6, Untitled, Jackie Adams
D6, Untitled, Tim Lourie
E6, Walls Built, Juanita Lee Garacia
F6, Into the Light, Keirsten Smith
G6, Women Recreated, Linder Sutherland
A7, The Power of a Woman, Lisa Cripps
B7, Title, Thelma Gardiner
C7, Metamorphosis, June Blackburn
D7, Into the Light, William Monague
E7, We all want this, Yvonne Holland
F7, Hope, Ruth Santamaria and Catherine Wells
G7, Untitled, Jackie Adams
A8, Untitled, Mary Angers
B8, Conquering Fear, Catherine Wells
C8, Butterfly, Jennifer Sanders
D8, Untitled, Jackie Adams
E8, Untitled, Lisa Cripps
F8, Bebaamichiwebiik 1925-2013, Debby Danard Wilson
G8, Kali - the feminine force, Jupiter Pradhan
A9, Weave, Samantha Staves
B9, Untitled, Weirong Li
C9, Untitled, Abby Lambert
D9, After Kollwitz, Rebecca Anweiler
E9, Helping Hand, Lisa Kim
F9, Untitled, Jennifer Zhang
G9, Fervent Prayer, Sarah Collard
When you get on the other side of the problem, you look and you see you did it, and you know you are stronger.  Vickie Downey from Wisdom's Daughters: Conversations with Women Elders of Native America. 1993.