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COVID-19 Forms

Form Name Form Focus
Academic Appointment Form (pdf, 1.8MB) Academic Appointments
Academic Assistant Offer Template  
Academic Position Request (xls, 41 kB) Academic Appointments
Address Change (Internal/External) (pdf, 343 kB) Employee
Affiliate Form (pdf, 977 kB) Appointments
Appeal Form (Tuition and Childcare) (pdf, 412 kB) Benefits
Appointment Change (pdf, 349 kB) Appointments
Approval to Fill a Vacancy - Form no longer in use. Access CareerQ Recruitment System to initiate approval to fill vacancy. Appointments
Biographical Data Sheet (pdf, 482 kB) Appointments
Change to Monthly Schedule Request (pdf, 968 KB)
Form is designed to be used for Campus Security and Emergency Services (CSES) to request changes to their monthly schedule.
Time & Labour
CUPE Medical Note Reimbursement (pdf, 774 kB) Benefits
HR Statement of Confidentiality Security Access
HRMS PeopleSoft Department Head Signing Delegation Security Access
HRMS PeopleSoft Security Access Request Security Access
HRSDC Employment Contract Payroll
Individualized Emergency Response Plan Consent Form Employee
Leave of Absence Request  (pdf, 480 kB) Leaves
Name Change (pdf, 978 kB) Employee
Overtime Timesheet for Monthly Paid Employees (pdf, 967 kB) Time & Labour
Pension Beneficiary Designation (pdf, 188 KB) Pension
Position Change Request (pdf, 975 kB) Compensation
Position Re-evaluation Form (pdf, 889 KB) Compensation
Position Summary Template (doc, 23 kB) Compensation
Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Data Sheet (xls, 49 kB) Postdoctoral Fellow Appointments
Postdoctoral Fellow Offer template (Externally Funded) (doc, 75 kB) Postdoctoral Fellow Appointments
Postdoctoral Fellow Offer template (Queen's Funded) Postdoctoral Fellow Appointments
PSAC Social Justice Opt-in/Opt-out Form (doc, 23 kB) Postdoctoral Fellow
Queen's and USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Project - Job Content Questionnaire Dispute Resolution Form Job Evaluation
Seniority List Challenge Form - USW Local 2010 (General Staff) (doc, 39 kB) Employee
Seniority List Challenge Form - USW Local 2010-01 (Academic Assistants) (doc, 36 kB) Employee
Sick Leave and Accommodation Referral (pdf, 416 kB) Sick Leave
Termination Notice (pdf, 975 kB) Termination
Time Tracking Spreadsheet
  • 2021 (.xls, 100 KB)
  • 2020 (.xls, 100 KB)
Timesheet for Casual and Bi-Weekly Paid Employees (pdf, 402 kB) Time & Labour
Transfer or Termination Checklist for Employees (pdf, 722 kB) Appointments
Transfer or Termination Checklist for Managers (pdf, 548 kB) Appointments
USW Humanity Fund Opt Out/Opt In Form (pdf, 321 kB) Employee
Vacation Carryover Request Form (pdf, 345 kB) Employee
Verification of Employment Authorization (pdf, 1.6 MB) Employee
Waiver of Pre-Retirement Death Benefit Pension
Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Complaint Form (pdf, 1.2 MB) Employee
Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Report Form (pdf, 1.2 MB) Employee
WSIB Form 6 (pdf, 348 kB) Benefits