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Introduction of SeQure App for COVID-19 Monitoring and contact tracing on Campus

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Dear Managers,

The University’s COVID-19 Monitoring Guideline provides information on passive and active COVID-19 monitoring.  Passive monitoring includes things like signage as well as messaging provided in the Return to Campus Guidelines and on the university’s COVID-19 webpage on how to respond should you or someone around you exhibit symptoms.  Active monitoring measures for people on campus vary from unit to unit and can include in-person check-ins, email check-ins, virtual check-ins, and peer-to-peer check-ins.  These check-ins should include asking someone if they are feeling ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

In an effort to further support active monitoring and contact tracing on campus, we will be leveraging the existing Queen’s University SeQure mobile App.  The SeQure App has been on campus since 2012 and provides access to safety resources for staff, faculty, and students.  

The App has a new module that contains self-assessment questions that are based on the Province of Ontario self-assessment survey questions.  For contact tracing purposes, the individual will also be prompted to provide information about which building(s) they think they will be in and a contact phone number.  Once the individual has completed the survey a green “approved” or red “not approved” badge will be displayed based on the answers to the screening questions.  The badge will expire after 24 hours.   

The SeQure App is available for download in the App Store or Google Play (just type “SeQure” in the search prompt or follow link from the Security webpage).

While using the app is not mandatory at this time, we ask that you strongly encourage your employees to fill out the self-assessment tool each day they will be physically on campus.  It is an easy and efficient way to remind employees daily and reinforce that they should not come to campus if they are feeling ill.  It is important to continue to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure when someone tests positive, we are able to support the contact tracing efforts of Public Health. 

The intent is to have one consistent system available to all on campus.  However, during the implementation phase, we recommend that faculties/departments continue to use their systems until we get a good sense of how the new App is operating when live.  The App will not replace the current scheduling programs or processes that departments are using to track facility or room occupancy numbers in order to comply with capacity level.

The developer is also working on a web-based version of the self-assessment tool that can be used from a computer or laptop.

Additional questions and answers about that App can be found on the Queen’s Security website.