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Planning Your Pregnancy/Parental Leave

Last Updated: 2021-10-14

How do I begin?

Review the Leave Programs for specifics on the Pregnancy and Parental Leave Programs. These Programs explain who is entitled to Pregnancy and Parental Leave and whether it is with or without a top-up benefit.

At least one month before...

Obtain a Leave of Absence Request form. The form should be completed with all available information and given to your supervisor or department head for signature. The form should then be forwarded to your Human Resources Advisor.

  • If you are planning to work until the birth of your baby, you should use your due date as the expected date of departure and note on the form in the Remarks section that the dates will change to coincide with the birth date of the baby.
  • Make an appointment with your Human Resources Advisor at least one month in advance of the commencement of your leave to discuss what benefits you will maintain during your time off. While on leave you will be required to pay your portion of the benefits that you choose to continue. The costs will be calculated for you and you will be advised of the amount which will be withdrawn from your bank account, as well as the intervals of such withdrawals. Computer loans must continue to be paid while you are away. Parking passes may be returned to the Parking Office and held for you while you are away. These arrangements must be made directly with the Parking Office. All benefits will be paid by direct debit and you will be required to sign an authorization form at the time of your appointment.
  • To apply for Pregnancy/Parental Leave, go to Service Canada, located at Frontenac Mall, Floor 1, 1300 Bath Road, Kingston on your last day of work. At Service Canada you will be asked to complete all necessary forms using a web-based application process, which will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This can also be completed at home via the internet through the Service Canada website.

    You will be asked the following question on the E.I. Application Form:

    "Have you received or will you receive any of the following monies (excluding a pension) from this employer or from another source? Check all appropriate boxes:"

    If you are eligible to receive a top-up benefit from Queen's University, please indicate that you will receive Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) from your employer, which is a pre-set option you can select.

    Following the employee’s last day of work, a Record of Employment (ROE) is prepared and sent electronically to the Service Canada Office. Please contact Payroll Services should you wish to obtain a copy.

  • You may commence your Pregnancy Leave up to twelve weeks prior to the due date of the baby. Should you decide to work up until the birth of the baby, you will need to notify your Human Resources Advisor immediately of the actual date of birth and then your Record of Employment will be sent to Service Canada.
  • We recommend that you set aside eight weeks of earnings if possible, to ensure that you will have monies available to you when you begin your leave. When you first commence your leave you may experience delays in receiving payment from both E.I. and the University as a result of the Service Canada application process, missing payroll cutoff at the University, or the actual birth of the baby. E.I. Benefits always commence on the Sunday following the beginning of your Pregnancy Leave or the birth of the baby. For example, if the baby is born on a Thursday, your E.I. Benefits will commence on the following Sunday.

The baby arrives:

Congratulations, you are a new parent! Now what?

  • Notify your Human Resources Advisor of the actual date of your baby's birth or arrival if your leave is to commence on that date.
  • To add your baby to your Manulife benefits as a dependant, please login to Manulife to add to your dependants within 31 days of the date of birth.
  • File for E.I. Benefits.

What next?:

  • Within approximately six weeks you should receive a benefits statement from Service Canada which confirms the amount of E.I. Benefits you will receive and the dates for which it applies. If you have not received this, please call Service Canada and request it. The first statement of this kind that you receive must be emailed to your Human Resources Advisor for processing of your top-up benefit payments from Queen's. For audit purposes, you will need to retain all benefits statements received during your Pregnancy Leave. You must notify your Human Resources Advisor of any change on your benefits statement should a change occur.
  • Queen's will automatically deposit your Pregnancy Leave top-up benefit monies into your bank account each month. Although E.I. Benefits are paid bi-weekly, Queen's continues to pay monthly. Your Human Resources Advisor will calculate the total Pregnancy Leave top-up benefit and you can choose to have it divided into 4 or 5 equal payments. Your Human Resources Advisor will supply you with information relating to the payment of these deposits and when you can expect your first deposit to occur.
  • E.I. Benefits and top-up benefit monies will continue for 17 weeks. E.I. Benefits will cease for weeks 18 to 20 and a benefit payment equivalent to three weeks salary will be paid by Queen's. You must notify Service Canada that you will be receiving a payment from Queen's for this three week period.
  • On the 21st week you will begin receiving Parental Leave E.I. Benefits (as long as you applied for them). Parental leave E.I. Benefits will continue for no more than 61 weeks if you also took Pregnancy Leave or 63 weeks otherwise, and can be split with your partner. Please refer to the Parental Leave Program, appropriate collective agreement, or information sheet for more details regarding Parental Leave.

Returning to payroll:

  • Notify your department and your Human Resources Advisor at least 4 weeks prior to your return to work or vacation so that you are placed back on payroll.
  • Eligible employees will receive the top-up benefit provisions specified above with the understanding that they will return to work for the University for a period of at least 6 months. Should you resign prior to returning to work or within 6 months of the end of your leave, you will be required to repay in full the top-up monies you received from the University.

Other tips:

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides Queen's employees with an excellent service to do with child care resources. Should you be looking for child care services, you can contact EFAP and request information regarding child care available in your area. They will provide you with information about local centres including costs, subsidies available and telephone numbers.
  • EFAP also has a New Parent Support Program to help new parents with the ups and downs of pregnancy. This program can help you better understand your emotional and physical health in addition to all aspects of pre and postnatal care. For more information on this program, please visit the EFAP web site.

On behalf of the University, we want to wish you all the very best during this exciting time and have a wonderful leave!