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Childcare Support Plan - Additional Information


1. My child turned seven in the middle of the benefit year.  Can I still apply for the entire year? You can apply for child care support for all months up to and including the month in which your child turned seven. This also applies to the maximum age in plans that include before and after school care, PA days and/or summer camps.

2. How do I know if the child care facility my child is attending is an eligible child care provider? Eligible child care providers must meet the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency definitions for the Child Care Expenses Deduction. This means that the individual providing care is not:The child's father, mother, or another person who lives with the child and regularly supports the child (i.e. spouse of the child's father or mother).A person for whom you have claimed as a dependant on your income tax return during the benefit year.A person under the age of 18 who is related to you.

3. If both parents are employees of Queen's can both employees apply for the same child? No, only one parent can submit claims for a child.

4. How many dependents can I apply for? Unlimited, based on age restrictions for the Child Care Support Plan for the Employee group you are covered under.

5. I have a joint appointment at Queen's?How do I determine the best child care support plan for me? Contact Human Resources at

Application Process

1. What is a NetID? A NetID is generally an employee's email account user ID. The password that corresponds with the employee's email account is the same one that is used for the Child Care Support system.

2. I was trying to apply online and I received the following message "Sorry, you entered an invalid NetID or password. Please try again". Please check your NetID and password (generally your email account user ID and password) to see if they were entered correctly. If so, contact your Departmental Computing Representative for further assistance.

3. I tried to apply online but I received the following message "You are outside the availability window". Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for your specific employee group to determine your application period. 

4. I tried to apply online but I received the following message "You are not eligible for this benefit.  If you have any questions, please email". Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for your specific employee group to determine your eligibility.  If you fit the eligibility criteria specified for your employee group but the system will not allow you to create an application, please contact Human Resources.

5. I have submitted the Confirmation of Attendance form.  What happens now? Once your application has been submitted, Human Resources will determine your eligibility. You will be notified by email when your application has been processed. Notifications are sent out to both applicants that are approved and applicants that are declined.

6. Do I need to send the paper copy of the Confirmation of Attendance form to Human Resources in addition to the online form? The Childcare Support benefit process has been updated for the 2017 benefit year. Applicants are no longer required to submit the printed attendance form to Human Resources unless their application is audited. For audit purposes you must retain all supporting documentation, including the completed and signed attendance form and any original receipts, for a period of 12 months following the application deadline.

7. What do I have to do if my application is audited? Human Resources will routinely audit applications to help protect against fraud. If your application is audited, you will receive an email requesting that supporting documentation be submitted to Human Resources. When submitting supporting documentation, it is important to follow all instructions carefully and respond by the deadline provided. If the audit finds that the application contains errors, you will be required to sign back into the system and revise the applcation before it will be processed.

8. I have missed the deadline to apply for the child care support benefit. Is there any way I can still submit an application? Only applications that have been submitted by the deadline date will be accepted. However, if there are extenuating circumstances as to why you have missed the deadline, please complete an appeal form.


1. When will I receive payment? Generally, payment under this plan is included with the regular pay received immediately following the plan deadline. This is not guaranteed as there are a number of factors that can influence payment of the benefit. The various employee groups have different plan deadlines, please check childcare webpage to determine your plan's deadline.

2. Will I be taxed on the money I receive from the Child Care Support Plan? Yes, this is a taxable benefit.

3. Will I receive the payment by cheque or direct deposit? You will receive the payment by direct deposit.