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Individualized Emergency Response Plans

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) states that every employer shall provide individualized workplace emergency response information to employees who have identified to the employer that they have a disability that requires accommodation.

In order to fulfill our duty to accommodate, we must be made aware of any needed accommodations so that we can respond with an appropriate individualized emergency plan. If you require an individualized workplace emergency response plan, please complete the Individualized Emergency Response Plan Consent Form.

Individualized Emergency Response Plan Consent Form

Once documentation is received, Return to Work and Accommodation Services will be in contact with you, and in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, we will develop your individualized workplace emergency response plan.

Questions and Answers

What is an emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan addresses barriers that could impede safety for staff and faculty who identify a disability requiring accommodation. Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety will work with staff or faculty member to create individual plans.

Why was the emergency response plan process created?

Queen's University is committed to ensuring the well-being of all community members in the event of an emergency. Creating emergency response plans for staff and faculty is one of many initiatives The University is undertaking in order be fully accessible by 2025 as mandated by the Ontario government’s Access for Ontarians Disability Act (AODA). The process was established by the employment working group, one of five teams working to improve accessibility on campus through the Queen’s accessibility framework.

How do I get an emergency response plan?

Current staff or faculty can contact Return to Work and Accommodation Services by email at Once an information worksheet is submitted a meeting draft the plan.

Information about employee emergency plans will be made available during the orientation process for new staff and faculty. Where hiring processes aren’t initiated through Human Resources, managers are responsible for sharing emergency plan information with their new employees.

For employees who are returning to work, emergency response plans are incorporated into return to work plans on a case by case basis.

Can students get an emergency response plan?

The emergency response plan process is designated for staff and faculty. Queen's Student Accessibility Services works with students to create appropriate individualized accommodation plans. Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety are currently in discussions with Health, Counselling, and Disability Services to develop a similar emergency response plan process for students.

How long is the emergency response plan process?

The length of time to develop the emergency response plan is dependent on the individual and the complexity of the situation.

Who will have access to an emergency response plan?

The personal information collected for emergency response plans will be used by Return to Work and Accommodation Services in Human Resources, and by Environmental Health and Safety to draft the emergency response plan. The plan will reside with Environmental Health and Safety and be shared with the individual’s supervisor. Further disclosure of the information will only occur with the individual’s consent.

How often will plans be reviewed?

Plans will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure all of the information is still accurate.

What happens if an individual’s work location or other circumstances change?

Staff and faculty are responsible for informing their supervisors and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety if their work location or circumstances change prior to the scheduled review date.