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Wellness and Accessibility

Queen’s University is committed to achieving healthy and sustainable workplaces that enhance the mental health and wellbeing of faculty and staff.

The content you will find on this area of the Human Resources website is designed to support both the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health and the University’s Academic Plan. The Principal’s Commission on Mental Health focuses on enacting change based on the report’s 116 recommendations, framed within a four-level pyramidal framework for a mental health strategy at Queen’s.

This strategy includes:

  • Promoting a healthy community
  • Easing transition and fostering resilience
  • Encouraging help-seeking and helping behaviour
  • Providing effective response, service and care

The University’s academic plan has four pillars, one of which is “Health, Wellness and the Community.” Mental and physical health and wellness is critical to ensuring engagement both on and off campus and we hope that this website can provide you with some effective tools to help yourself and support each other.

  • 175 anniversary sign.

    175 years of Thriving at Queen's University!

  • Employees socializing at Staff Appreciation BBQ

    Queen's University employees socializing at the 2016 Staff Appreciation BBQ (photo credit: Bernard Clark)

  • Manager recieves information at Human Resources Summit

    Sydney Downey, Manager, Return to Work & Accommodation provides information on Thrive to Manager's at this years Human Resources Summit (photo credit: Mark Kerr)

  • Staff posing for photo on commemorative bench.

    Queen's University employees celebrating 30 years of service (photo credit: Bernard Clark)

  • Employee receives Human Resources certificate

    Queen's University employee graduates from Human Resources program.

  • Staff members sitting together on the grass.

    Queen's University employees enjoying lunch outside (photo credit: Bernard Clark)

  • Spectators watching soccer game

    Queen's University employees enjoying a noon hour game of pick-up soccer (photo credit: Bernard Clark)

  • Professor speaking to class

    Prof. Jana Raver, Smith School of Business, presents to Queen's University Managers on best practices in leadership (photo credit: Mark Kerr)

  • Employee being applauded

    Happy Queen's University employee is applauded for furthering her education and obtaining an Human Resources Certificate (photo credit: Bernard Clark)