Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services

Meeting 14: Sexual Harassment/Assault and Damages

In this meeting the HRLG discussed cases relating to sexual harassment/assault, damages awarded through the Human Rights Tribunal, and the importance of having and following institutional human rights procedures.

Central Questions and Cases Discussed

What are the criteria used to establish a case of sexual harassment under the Code? 

C.K. v. H.S. 2014 HRTO 1652 (CanLII)

Harriott v. National Money Mart and Wade Desmond, 2010 HRTO 353 (CanLII)

Emslie v. Doholoco Holdings Ltd. O/A The UPS Store #425, 2014 MHRBAD 6

How do Tribunals determine the mitigation of damages in human rights cases?

Beata Laskowska v. Marineland of Canada Inc. 2005 HRTO 30  (CanLII)

Tracy Morgan v. University of Waterloo and David Mackay, 2013 HRTO 1644 (CanLII)

What types of remedies are available to Human Rights Tribunals?

Terri-Lynn Garrie v. Janus Joan Inc. 2014 HRTO 272  (CanLII)

Donna Giguere and Ontario Human Rights Commission v. Popeye Restaurant and Viola Landry, 2008 HRTO 2 (CanLII)

Jared Davis v. Nordock Inc. and Gerry Stretch, 2012 HRTO 2218 (CanLII)

Can a Human Rights Tribunal order both reinstatement and lost wages as remedies?

Sharon Fair v. Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, 2013 HRTO 440 (CanLII)

Can a Human Rights Tribunal award damages for projected lost wages?

Kelly v. University of British Columbia (No. 4), 2013 BCHRTD 302 (CanLII)