Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services

Meeting 5: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

In September 2010, the Human Rights Legislation Group met with the Sexual Harassment Prevention Coordinator at the Queen's Human Rights Office and the Officer in Charge of the Sexual Assault Unit with the Kingston Police Force. Ms. Coulter presented information on what happens when a member of the University community comes to the Human Rights Office with an issue of sexual assault. Detective Sergeant Bambrick presented information on what happens when a person files a complaint of sexual assault with the Kingston Police Force.

The group was also introduced to a number of legal issues regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault in a University setting.

Recent Cases:

Sexual Harassment

  • When is it NOT appropriate to terminate an unionized employee for posting inappropriate materials in  the workplace? (Waterloo)
  • What are the responsibilities of the University/College in the prevention and resolution of sexual harassment in the classroom? (Marvel College)
  • Can a member of the general public accuse a student of sexual harassment in the provision of services? (Brooker)
  • Can a professor block his former student's application to file a complaint of sexual harassment? (Walker)

Sexual Assault

  • What happened when it was discovered that a tenured professor, who was under police investigation for sexual assault, had used his university laptop to engage in chat room discussion? (CAUT)
  • Can a professor who has been exonerated of charges of sexual assault by the police be found responsible for sexual harassment by his University? (MUN)
  • Is it appropriate for a University to conduct an investigation on allegations of sexual assault under the sexual harassment policy? (Mpega)