Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services

Meeting 6: Bill 168

In December 2010, the Human Rights Legislation Group met with Dan Langham (Environmental Health and Safety), Adrian Lahey (Human Resources) and Dave Patterson (Campus Security) to discuss the rights and responsibilities of the University and its employees under the recent amendment to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.   Bill 168 amends the Act to include workplace violence, workplace harassment and domestic violence. Click HERE to access the Queen's page on Bill 168.  Diane Kelly then presented four recent cases dealing with employers who failed to protect their employees from workplace violence and harassment and Stephanie Simpson presented a case study involving domestic violence in the workplace.

Workplace Violence

  • How fast should an employer move to investigate an incident of workplace violence? (Safeway, 2009)
  • Should an employee accused of workplace violence be suspended/removed from the workplace? (Safeway, 2008)

Workplace Harassment

  • What is the three-part test for determining whether employers have responded appropriately to a complaint of harassment? (Wamsley)
  • What discipline is appropriate for workplace harassment of a supervisor? (Zochem)