Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services

Meeting 7: Round Up

In this meeting, we discuss freedom of speech,  family status, racial discrimination,  religious accommodation and sexual harassment Investigation

Freedom of Expression

What happened when a University disciplines students for criticizing their prof on Facebook? (Prigden)

Family Status

What happens when an employer refuses to accommodate an employee with childcare issues? (Johnstone)

Can an Arbitration board hear the complaint of a probationary employee dismissed after her maternity leave? (Parry Sound)

What happens when you fire an employee after she announces that her child-care arrangements have changed? (Cavanaugh)

Racial Discrimination

Does a Human Rights tribunal have the power to remove a university dean and order the instatement of another candidate who was denied the position due to racism? (Seneca)

Can a complainant use employer attrition data to support an individual complaint of racial discrimination? (Carasco)

Can an employer offer benefits to non-aboriginal employees and not to aboriginal employees? (Malec)

What happens when a service provider singles out racialized minorities for identity checks? (Tahmourpour)

What happens when a deputy minister, to whom specific Tribunal orders to produce documentation have been directed, fails to comply with those orders? (Pieters)

Religious Accommodation

What happens when an insubordinate employee's religious beliefs are not accommodated? (Communications)

What happens when a religious accommodation policy violates provisions of the Collective Agreement? (Seneca)

Sexual Harassment Investigations

What happens when an employer fails to investigate when a male employee claims he is being harassed by his female subordinate? (Frolov)

At what point has a university fulfilled its substantial and procedural duties to investigate the sexual harassment? (Ford)