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Tile F5


Artist:  Tracy John, Artist based in Kingston

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Artist's Biography

Tracy John  has always expressed herself through some sort of visual medium; professionally as a graphic designer and creative director and personally through collage, bead weaving and most recently fused glass.  Born and educated in the UK, moving to Canada in 1981 as a qualified graphic designer,  her first home was in Uranium City; Saskatchewan, she then ventured further north to Nanisivik on Baffin Island before moving to Toronto. Here she pursued an 18 year, award winning career in both editorial design and advertising.  Moving to the rural town of Harrowsmith, north of  Kingston, in 1999 and co-founding SmallWorld Marketing Group in 2004 has allowed her to live a completely creative life.

To see her commercial and her personal work please visit her websites:

Artist's Statement

To change takes courage. A belief in one's self, and hard after day to gradually progress to a positive and empowered state. Human beings begin as a blank canvas upon which we gradually build ourselves, layer by layer, through experiences, thoughts, choices and beliefs to create the person we are at a particular time in our lives. My submission shows the very initial layers of colour on the canvas (G5, G6, F5, F6) which are then overlaid with additional layers of paint and paper and a few important positive statements (G5). The pieces of linen cord (G5, G6) represent strong, practical and useful thoughts in a forward and upward direction. From these start to grow moments of enlightenment and positive re-enforcements (the small interspersed beads) with overlaying and empowering thoughts as the statements become more embedded. The positive thoughts and actions gain momentum (F5, F6). Creative and powerful change is represented by the larger and denser areas of bugle beads (F5, F6) which flow into the historically deep and culturally rich craft of peyote bead weaving; tapping into hundreds of years of wisdom that supports the continuous new beliefs (statements) just below the image of the mouth (F6) which are now the new way of thinking, acting, being and celebrating.

A woman now, recreated.