Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services





The Human Rights Office has thirteen posters on human rights issues: human rights (in general), positive space, anti-racism, heterosexism and homophobia, gender issues, sexual harassment and healthy relationships (including consent posters). For more information on the availability of posters please contact the human rights office.



Pamphlets and Brochures

The Human Rights Office has pamphlets and brochures available that can be used to educate yourself or others about human rights-related issues at Queen's University.


Journal of Critical Race Inquiry

The Journal of Critical Race Inquiry (CRI) is a copyrighted, peer-reviewed, bi-annual, and open-access electronic journal that uses an interdisciplinary approach to feature current research, thoughtful debate, and innovative inquiry into critical race issues. Race is defined as a social construct that has no biological basis, but is nevertheless a fluid, changing and culturally specific concept.

If you wish to access the current journal, or for information on becoming a member or making a submission, please visit the Journal of Critical Race Inquiry 




The Human Rights Office has a library of audio-visual and print resources available for consultation on a variety of human rights issues. The library can be consulted during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 pm). Please call ahead at (613) 533-6886  or email



Equitable Queen's

Equitable Queen's is a hub for equity and social justice activism and advocacy at Queen's University.