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Inquiry-based Learning

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Inquiry-based learning is self-directed. It teaches students to develop research skills. It allows them to be responsible for:

  • Determining what they need to know
  • Identifying resources and how best to use them
  • Using resources and reporting learning
  • Assessing their progress


Inquiry-based learning enables the student to take responsibility for completing a course of study.

In a program of inquiry-based learning, the instructor acts as a supporter or coach. Such a program:

  • Is question driven
  • Begins with a general theme that acts as a starting point or trigger for learning
  • Emphasizes asking good researchable questions and coaches students in doing this
  • Builds library, interview and web search skills, plus the critical thinking skills that promote thoughtful analysis
  • Helps students report their learning in oral or written form
  • Provides a means (such as interviews, drafts, minutes of group meetings or bench mark activities) to help students monitor their progress
  • Encourages the instructor to model effective inquiry and promote reflection