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Inquiry at Queen's
Inquiry at Queen's

Help with Your Presentation/Poster

Where can I go for help with PowerPoint?

ITServices has a help desk in the Queen's Learning Commons (the ground floor of Stauffer Library) where they can assist you with any software issues that you may be having with PowerPoint.  You can also call the IT Support Centre at 613.533.6666.  You can see the ITServices help desk and call centre hours, as well as contact information, at the following links: IT Hours and IT Contact.

You can also consult with the QLC Student Assistants, who are located at the Research Help desk at the QLC.  They can help you navigate PowerPoint as well as give you advice on creating posters with PowerPoint.  The QLC offers a tutorial for creating posters with PowerPoint: Academic Posters.  You can see the hours for the QLC information desk at the following link: QLC Hours.

If you need access to PowerPoint, the library computers are installed with Microsoft Office.

Where can I go for support to make my presentation accessible?

The QLC offers an accessibility toolkit with instructions on inclusive teaching.  You can view the information at the following link: Accessible Teaching.

You may also contact Library Services for Students with Disabilities, located in the Adaptive Technology Centre for further advice.  Their contact information is available here: ATC Contact.

Another good source for accessibility information is Disability Services.  Check out their website: Disability Services.

Where can I go for writing help?

The Writing Centre is a great tool to use for writing out your research and creating your PowerPoint presentation.  You can book a consultation with a writing tutor and they'll look over any written work you've done for your project, as well as your PowerPoint presentation.  Book an appointment by going in person to the Writing Centre (located at the QLC, on the ground floor of Stauffer Library) or by calling their number.  For their contact information, visit their website: The Writing Centre.

You can also register for a writing workshop offered by the Writing Centre.  Check out their available workshops and register here: Workshop Registration.

Check out the Writing Centre handouts, which contain further information on grammar, as well as different aspects and types of writing.  See their tipsheets here: Tipsheets.

Where can I go for help developing my presentation skills?

Learning Strategies offers handouts and workshops on presentation skills.  You can book a workshop with them at the following link: Workshop Registration.  You can view their tipsheets for Presentation Skills and dealing with Presentation Anxiety on their website: Tipsheets.  Other useful information on their site include Coping with Academic Stress and Time Management, in order to help you prepare for the conference.

If you're feeling nervous about presenting, you can also book a consultation with someone at Learning Strategies in order to go over presentation skills, and to recieve advice on overcoming your anxiety.  In order to book a consultation, come to Learning Strategies on the ground floor of Stauffer Library.  There will be a whiteboard outside the office with available dates and times for a consultation.  Just write your name in!