Inquiry at Queen's

Inquiry at Queen's
Inquiry at Queen's

I@Q Conference Facts

  • 441 students have participated
  • 295 oral presentations have been given
  • 86 posters have been presented
  • Students have participated in 64 themed interdisciplinary sessions
  • Faculty has moderated 64 themed interdisciplinary sessions


2007The Excitement of Discovery, John Smol, Professor, Biology; Losing the Research Topic, Gwynn Dujardin, Professor, English

2008Research as Activism (Whether You Like It or Not), David McDonald, Director, Global Development Studies; Getting to Research by Coincidence, Anne Petitjean, Assistant Professor and Queen’s National Scholar, Department of Chemistry

2009Inquiry in the Modern University: a Subversive View, Kim Nossal, Professor, Political Studies

2010 – A Historian Reflects on a Few of His Eureka Moments, Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice-Chancellor; Professor , Department of History

2011 – Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research); Unlocking the Magic of Moon Dust: My Experiences as a Summer Research Intern for NASA, Michelle Thompson, Geological Sciences & Engineering; ‘Breaking Down the Wall’: Performing History, Kristen Martin, Drama with performance group Marissa Nacimben, Colie Belej-Corrigan, Brett Payette, Aimee Bouchard, Michelle Yagi, Leora Smith

2012 – Alan Harrison, Provost/Vice-Principal (Academic);  BioBoxes: Think Inside the Box, Students of DRAM 439

2013Skull lady, rat girl, brain man: Superheroes of inquiry!

  • Nancy Suzanne Ossenberg, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical & Molecular Sciences, Morphological Traits of the Skull
  • Doris Li, ’14, Life Sciences, How Rat Battles Taught Me Science
  • Douglas Munoz, Professor of Physiology, Psychology and Medicine; Director; Queen's Centre for Neuroscience Studies, and Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience