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Visual Identity

Visual Identity and Graphic Standards Policy

The Queen's Visual Identity Guide provides specific guidelines and standards to the Queen’s community for the implementation of the Queen’s visual identity and graphic standards system in all forms of University communication.

Originally endorsed and approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2000, the Visual Identity was developed in extensive consultation with the faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This revised guide provides specific and user friendly guidelines for proper implementation.

Why does Queen’s need Visual and Graphic Standards?

A strong and consistent visual identity, made up of communication of strategic messages and strong graphic presentation, is a necessary element for all communications emanating from Queen’s University.

A vibrant institutional identity projects excellence and professionalism, an image that is critical in attracting, retaining and engaging support from our audiences. Consistency of communication to both internal and external audiences reinforces a strong Queen’s identity and reputation, and will help to effectively further shape our position in the marketplace.

The University recognizes the need for distinctive expression within units and departments on campus to specific audiences, and that these are critical to the communication and marketing process. As such these standards have been developed with the intention of being flexible enough to allow individual and creative expression for units, while remaining true to the goal of the overall identity standards and provide clear and consistent communication.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

The Queen’s Visual Identity Policy supports the university's interest that all diverse cultures and identities be reflected and expressed in all aspects of university life, including communications and publications, both in print and on digital platforms.

The university is committed to communicating and promoting messages of anti-racism, inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the stories we tell about faculty, staff, students, programs, and projects. Queen’s strives to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all campus constituents, and as such affirms that addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity must be a collaborative effort, focused on partnership and community building.

All communications, marketing and promotional materials emanating from Queen’s must demonstrate equity, inclusivity and diversity in design, photography and content, and in all cases must meet the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards as it relates to equity and diversity and portrayals thereof.

For support and guidance in adhering to this part of the policy contact:

  • University Relations – 533-3410
  • Human Rights Office – 533-6886
  • Equity Office – 533-2563

Queen's Visual Identity Guide: 2019 update (PDF 8 MB)

Queen's Visual Identity Quick Guide: 2017 update (PDF 350 KB)

Queen's Alumni Association (QUAA) Visual Identity (PDF, 6.4 MB)