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Elizabeth McCallion

CV (As of November 2017) [PDF 47KB]

Elizabeth McCallion is a PhD student at Queen’s University, where she researches the substantive representation of women in the Canadian Senate. She examines the activity of senators and Members of Parliament on bills that explicitly mention gender or the gendered effects of policy. She aims to determine whether the reduced role of party discipline and the absence of electoral pressures in the Senate allow women to act in the interests of women.


Elizabeth holds a B.A.(Honours) from the University of Western Ontario in History and Political Science, and an M.A. from Queen’s University in Political and Legal Thought. Her master’s project proposed nonconstitutional reforms that could create a gender equal Senate, specifically a cap quota on privileged groups which is meant to mimic the constitutional fixed upper limit on regional representation in the Senate.


Elizabeth’s research interests are in Canadian government, Canadian politics, gender & politics and federalism. She is currently a teaching assistant for a second-year course in Canadian Government & Politics.