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The IIGR is happy to provide access to a wealth of information on our upcoming and previous conferences and workshops, including agendas, presentations and papers. Contact IIGR at or 613-533-2080 for more information.

Partnered Conferences with IIGR

2011 and Past

For information on these past IIGR events, please contact  Conference publications are available from McGill-Queen's University Press.

Toward 2014: Strategic Considerations for the Renewal of the Fiscal Arrangements (2011)

The Global Promise of Federalism: A Workshop to Honour Richard Simeon (2011)

The Crown in Canada: Present Realities and Future Options (2010)

The Federal Idea: A Conference in Honour of Ronald L. Watts (2007)

The State of National Governance Relative to the New International Health Regulations (2006)

Fiscal Federalism and the Future of Canada (2006)

Cities in Multilevel Government Systems: Lessons from Abroad (2005)

Looking Backward, Thinking Forward: IIGR 40th Anniversary Conference (2005)

Canadian Federalism and National Security Intergovernmental and Comparative Perspectives (2004)

Municipal-Federal-Provincial Relations: New Structures/New Connections (2003)

Quebec and Canada in the New Century: New Dynamics, New Opportunities (2003)

Canadian Fiscal Arrangements: What Works, What Might Work Better (2002)

Globalization, Multilevel Governance and Democracy: Continental, Comparative and Global Perspectives (2002)