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The Kenneth MacGregor Lecture

The Kenneth MacGregor Lectureship was established by Queen’s University in 1982 in honour of Kenneth R. MacGregor, who was a member of the Queen’s board of Trustees. Mr. MacGregor had a distinguished career in insurance and public service, serving as the federal Superintendent of Insurance and, subsequently, as President of Mutual Life Assurance of Canada. The endowment from which the lectureship is funded was created by a gift from Mutual Life and friends of Kenneth R. MacGregor.

The purpose of the MacGregor Lectureship is to bring to the campus prominent public figures or scholars who can make an important contribution to the understanding or practice of federalism, intergovernmental relations or related matters in Canada or other countries.

The list of previous MacGregor Lecturers is as follows with the downloadable publication.

Title Author/Editor Year
When Public-Private Partnerships Make Sense: Two Basic Observations [PDF 858 KB] José A. Gómez-Ibáñez 2015
First Nations and the Canadian State: In Search of Co-Existence [PDF 570 KB] Alan Cairns 2002
Political Science and Federalism [PDF 3.30MB] Richard Simeon 2000
The New Face of Canadian Nationalism [PDF 9.36KB] Roger Gibbins 1994
Federalism and the Way to Peace [PDF 5.94] Daniel Elazar 1991
Does Canada Matter? [PDF 961 KB] Gordon Robertson 1990
Centralization, Decentralization and Intergovernmental Competition [PDF 1.15 MB] Albert Breton 1989
Canada: Its Framework, Its Foibles, Its Future [PDF 943 KB] Allan Blakeney 1988
Charter versus Federalism: The Dilemma of Constitutional Reform Alan Cairns 1987
Free Trade -- Is a Fair Deal Possible? (never published) Peter Lougheed 1987
National Political Parties and Regional Diversity [PDF 599 KB] Robert Stanfield 1985