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Academic Journals on Federalism and Related Issues

Canadian Public Administration

  • Canadian Public Administration (CPA) is the Institute of Public Administration of Canada's (IPAC) refereed scholarly publication. Published quarterly, it examines the structures, processes, outputs and outcomes of public management and public policy. It covers executive, legislative, judicial and quasi-judicial functions at all three levels of Canadian government. The CPA focuses primarily on Canadian issues, but its articles often compare Canadian institutions and public sector management concerns with those in other countries. Similarly, its articles occasionally examine matters in foreign states or in international organizations that are of particular relevance to the public administration community in Canada.

Canadian Public Policy

  • Canadian Public Policy is Canada's foremost journal examining economic and social policy. The aim of the journal is to stimulate research and discussion of public policy problems in Canada. It is directed at a wide readership including decision makers and advisers in business organizations and governments, and policy researchers in private institutions and universities.

Federal Governance: A Graduate Journal of Theory and Politics

  • Federal Governance is an international online graduate journal about the theory and practice of federalism and publishes its articles on a rolling basis. It is the first graduate journal of federalism with an international team of editors, referees and professors behind it. Allied with the Forum of Federations and founding partner, the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University; Federal Governance aims to contribute to a global dialogue on federalism.


  • Federalism-e is a bilingual, undergraduate electronic journal about federalism with a mandate to provide a forum to encourage research and scholarly debate with respect to a wide variety of issues concerning federalism, such as political philosophy, multi-level governance and intergovernmental relations. Its goal is to create an atmosphere of debate and investigation to highlight the multi-faceted study of federalism and the utility in doing so.

Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

  • Global Governance provides a much-needed forum for practitioners and academics to discuss the impact of international institutions and multilateral processes on: economic development, peace and security, human rights and the preservation of the environment.

Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions

Isuma: Canadian Journal of Policy Research

  • Dedicated to policy-relevant research focusing on issues that are cross-disciplinary and multi-dimensional.

Journal of Common Market Studies

  • The Journal of Common Market Studies provides a forum for the development and evaluation of theoretical and empirical issues in the politics and economics of European integration, focusing principally on developments within the European Union.

Journal of European Public Policy

  • Focusing on the dynamics of public policy in Europe, the Journal of European Public Policy covers areas such as theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of public policy in Europe and elsewhere, national public policy developments and processes in Europe, comparative studies of public policy within Europe, the public policy interface between nation states and the European Union, the EU itself (institutions, processes, and policies), and the activities of private actors and associations in the policy process.

Municipal World

  • Municipal World is the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world. Founded in 1891, the magazine is devoted to promoting effective municipal government.

Policy Options

  • Published 10 times per year, Policy Options is Canada's premier public policy magazine. Its goal is to encourage an informed debate on the important public policy issues of today and tomorrow.

Publius: The Journal of Federalism

  • Publius: The Journal of Federalism is the world's leading journal devoted to federalism. It is required reading for scholars of many disciplines who want the latest developments, trends, and empirical and theoretical work on federalism and intergovernmental relations.

Regional and Federal Studies: An International Journal

  • Publishes research on regional and federal issues.