Institute of Intergovernmental Relations


The Federal Idea: Essays in Honour of Ronald L. Watts

Edited by: Thomas J. Courchene, John R. Allan, Christian Leuprecht & Nadia Verrelli

The Federal Idea Book Cover

The Federal Idea is a collection of more than thirty papers by Canadian and international scholars on a wide range of issues relating to the theory and practice of federalism

The first section, Celebrating Ron Watts, assesses Ronald Watts' academic contributions to the study of federalism (including comparative federalism) as well as his important role as an advisor to federations across the globe.

The second section, The Federal Idea: Concepts, explores different perspectives on federalism, both constitutional and citizen-related, and assesses the successes and failures of the federal idea.

The final section, The Federal Idea: Practice, addresses a range of policies and practices in individual federations. In addition to case studies, the contributors deal with such issues as fiscal federalism, intergovernmental relations, federalism in the European Union, Scottish devolution, and the differing approaches to upper chambers.

Thomas J. Courchene is the Jarislowsky-Deutch professor of economics and financial policy at Queen's University. John R. Allan is a fellow and former associate director of the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University. Christian Leuprecht is association professor at the Royal Military College of Canada and holds cross-appointments at Queen's University. Nadia Verrelli is a professor of political science at Algoma University, and an ongoing research associate at the Institute for Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University.

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