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Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

Statement from Yolande Chan on Final Report

April 10, 2017

Final Report

To read the final report and a statement from Daniel Woolf, please visit the principal's website.

As co-chair of the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion at Queen’s University, and on behalf of my fellow committee members, I am pleased to share that on Monday, April 10, a final version of our report was submitted to Principal Woolf.

This report is the culmination of several months of intensive work, reviewing past reports and recommendations, and consulting with many members of the Queen’s community in meetings and at the community forums held in March. As a committee, we had many frank and often emotional discussions about several of the most pressing concerns. The end result, we believe, is a comprehensive report that sets out clear recommendations and actions to be taken, with suggested timelines, in order to address the issues of racism, diversity, and inclusion on campus and effect meaningful change in our community.

The committee will present the contents of the final report at the Senate meeting on Tuesday, April 18. Principal Woolf will also present a formal response to the report at that time. In the meantime, the committee invites you to read the final report online, available through the principal’s website.

Once again, we offer our thanks to the Queen’s community for its support and contributions throughout this process. It has been a difficult undertaking, but one that, we believe, will ultimately create an important shift on campus and challenge the community and administration to be more open and to evolve in significant ways.

In an effort to initiate a broad, meaningful, and sustained conversation on racism, diversity, and inclusion at Queen’s, and to ensure that tangible and lasting change is effected, Principal Daniel Woolf has established a small group, which comprises faculty, students, and staff, to review past reports on these issues. The committee will identify barriers to these recommendations, and the steps needed to remove these barriers, so that real change can take place. The Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion began its work in early January.

Committee members

The six-member committee comprises two faculty, two staff members, and two students. The Senate selected three members, one from each group. They were not required to be members of Senate. The principal appointed the remaining members, after Senate’s selections were finalized, keeping in mind the diversity of the group as a whole.

  • Dev Aransevia (Artsci’17), fourth-year Global Development Studies student
  • Yolande Chan, faculty member in the Smith School of Business
  • Hana Chaudhury, fourth-year student in Commerce and Prospective Double Degree in Life Sciences
  • Laeeque Daneshmend, faculty member in the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Engineering, cross-appointed to the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Nilani Loganathan, staff member in the Business Career Centre in Smith School of Business
  • Tim Tang, staff member in the Office of Advancement
[committee members]

Top (l-r): Dev Aransevia, staff member Rosie LaLande (Executive Assistant to the Principal and committee secretary), Tim Tang, Professor Laeeque Daneshmend. Bottom (l-r): Professor Yolande Chan, Nilani Loganathan, Hana Chaudhury.


  • Dan Bradshaw, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources
  • Sue Fostaty Young, Educational Developer and Program Manager, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Mark Green, Professor, Civil Engineering, and Indigenous representative (TRC Task Force Co-Chair)
  • Lon Knox, Secretary of the University and Corporate Counsel
  • Wanda Praamsma, Senior Communications Officer, University Relations
  • Teri Shearer, Deputy Provost
  • Stephanie Simpson, Director, Human Rights Office
  • Cameron Yung, Rector