2018 Tri Awards Roundtable participants

Every year the Equity and Human Rights Offices recognize individuals and groups that are working toward making Queen’s a more inclusive and welcoming place.

The annual Tri-Awards (accessibility, equity, human rights) not only celebrate the achievements of Queen’s community members in the areas of employment equity, human rights, and accessibility but also reinforce the importance of the work being done.

Pictured: Tianna Edwards speaks during a Tri-Awards round-table discussion that included, from second left, Mia Berloni, Kandice Baptiste, Nirosha Balakumar and Lee Airton.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Impact Award

The Division of Student Affairs has established an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Impact Award for students who have demonstrated their commitment to furthering an understanding of different identities on campus. The award builds on the division’s annual awards program that includes the Peer Leadership and Brian Yealland Community Leadership Awards.

Recipients of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Impact Award can be individuals or groups who have demonstrated involvement in, and a commitment to, social justice causes that impact the Queen’s community on a broad or small scale. Their contributions will reflect efforts to furthering an understanding of the interplay and intersections among different identities on campus.

Pictured: The 2018 recipients of the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Impact Award were Aniqa Mazumder (Artsci'18) and Xin Sun (Artsci’18).

Aniqa Mazumder and Xin Sun

Accessibility Award

[James McNutt]

Established in 2008, the Steve Cutway Accessibility Award recognizes the contributions of faculty, staff, and students towards advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities at Queen’s.

The Queen's Accessibility Committee in partnership with Accessibility Queen’s named the Award in honour of Steve Cutway, a long-serving employee of Queen’s, who dedicated himself to advancing accessibility at the university.

Pictured: For his efforts in highlighting the importance of accessibility at Queen's, James McNutt won the 2016 Steve Cutway Accessibility Award.

Employment Equity Award

Established in 2011, the Queen's Employment Equity Award is given annually to recognize and celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups, or organizations that through their ongoing diligence and commitment, are going above and beyond legislated requirements or their institutional mandate, thereby helping Queen's become a truly representative and inclusive workplace.

Pictured: Sheila Devine, former associate vice-principal (Faculty Relations), received the 2016 Employment Equity Award. During her time at Queen's, Ms. Devine demonstrated a commitment to integrating employment equity into the university's practices.

[Sheila Devine]

Human Rights Initiative Award

[Diane Kelly]

The Queen's Human Rights Initiative Award is given annually in recognition of initiatives that have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of equality and human rights at Queen's.

Pictured: Diane Kelly, winner of the 2016 Queen's Human Rights Initiative Award, built positive and inclusive relationships during her career as Queen's legal counsel.

Robert Sutherland Prize

AMS Logo

The Robert Sutherland Prize is awarded annually by the Alma Mater Society to a self-defined student of colour who has shown leadership and initiative at Queen’s in the areas of anti-racism and anti-oppression in the aim of creating a more inclusive ca