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University Council on Anti-Racism and Equity (UCARE)


Next meeting:

A public UCARE meeting will be held on October 15 at 5:00 pm in Room 202, Robert Sutherland.


October 15 UCARE Agenda (544.21KB)

The University Council on Anti-Racism and Equity (UCARE) was established to coordinate, monitor, and report on the progress of university-wide initiatives to address racism and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Council helps to shape the vision and strategy of the university and serves as a critical voice for diversity and inclusion at Queen’s.

UCARE maintains at least 51% representation from racialized groups and includes faculty, staff, student, senior administration, alumni, and community representatives. The broad scope of the UCARE membership ensures that actions taken to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion align with the needs of the university community.

UCARE helps shape the vision and strategy of the university by:

  • Promoting and supporting efforts by the university that foster a diverse and inclusive campus community

  • Monitoring the implementation of the PICRDI recommendations and progress of other anti-racism and equity initiatives

  • Identifying and making recommendations regarding persistent obstacles to progress on diversity and inclusion (i.e. factors associated with attracting and retaining racialized students, staff, and faculty), including those related to resources, organizational structures, policies, protocols, and processes

  • Facilitating synergies amongst complementary initiatives within the university, and identifying opportunities for collaboration external to the university

  • Establishing sub-councils and working groups as needed to advance particular initiatives 

  • Coordinating communication with the wider Queen’s community

  • Preparing an annual report of its activities, to be submitted for information to the Senate, the Board of Trustees, and to the wider Queen’s community

  • [UCARE committee]
    The inaugural members of the UCARE Committee
  • UCARE C0-Chairs
    Council Co-Chairs Stephanie Simpson and Mona Rahman led a discussion at the March 5, 2018, UCARE meeting.
  • [Teri Shearer]
    Teri Shearer, Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion) at the public meeting on March 5, 2018.
  • [UCARE nomination committee]
    The UCARE nominating committee included Amir Fam, Professor, Donald and Sarah Munro Chair in Engineering and Applied Science, and Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; Ramna Safeer (Artsci'18), AMS Social Issues Coordinator; Stephanie Simpson, Director, Human Rights Office; and Cam Yung (Sc'16), Rector.

Working Groups

  • Centre for Racial Equity and Social Justice. Chaired by Teri Shearer
  • Community Consultation and Outreach. Chaired by Yasmine Djerbal
  • Orientation Week. Chaired by Myriam-Morenike Djossou

Minutes of UCARE public meetings:

Minutes: UCARE March 5, 2018 (200 KB)


List of UCARE Members
Name Title
A. Butler Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
Y. Chan Associate Dean (Research, PhD & MSc Programs), Smith School of Business
L. Cheng Professor, Faculty of Education
A. Chowdhury AMS Representative 
Y. Davidson Alumni and Community Member
Y. Djerbal PhD’19 Candidate (Cultural Studies)
M. Djossou  AMS Social Affairs Commissioner
S. Ghahari Assistant Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy
R. Ignatius AMS Student Representative 
A. Lopez Villalobos Staff, Ban Righ Centre
C. Mavrigianakis SGPS Equity and Diversity Commissioner
A. Mortley Alumni and Community Member
M. Rahman Staff, Office of the Vice-Principal (Research)
T. Shearer Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Inclusion)
S. Simpson Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion)
A. Tierney Vice-Provost & Dean (Student Affairs)
N. Utioh Staff, Residence Life –Housing & Ancillary Services

Co-Chair: Liying Cheng, Professor, Faculty of Education
Co-Chair: Aba Mortley, Alumni and Community Member
Secretary: Margaret (Peggy) Watkin, Associate Director, Academic Initiatives, Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Committee Terms and Composition

Member Terms

New or renewed appointments will be made for 1 or 2-year terms to maintain continuity within the membership of UCARE from year to year. All appointments are renewable for a second term.

Nominating Committee

A UCARE Nominating Committee comprised of two university administrators and two members-at-large (faculty, staff, student, or community member/alumni) from its membership will solicit the campus and Kingston/alumni communities to fill any vacancies on UCARE before the end of the second semester of each academic year.

Appointments will be made by letter of invitation from the Principal, based on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee, as endorsed by the UCARE.


UCARE will normally meet three times per calendar year. Faculty, staff, and students of Queen’s University are welcome to attend UCARE meetings as guests.

Any request for time on the UCARE agenda should be made in advance of the meeting to the Co-Chairs.


  • Principal (or designate)
  • Provost (or designate)
  • Director, Human Rights Office (or designate)
  • Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs (or designate)
  • Chair, Senate Educational Equity Committee
  • AMS Social Affairs Commissioner
  • SGPS Equity and Diversity Commissioner
  • Three faculty members 
  • Three staff members 
  • Two students (including one undergraduate and one graduate or professional student)
  • Two members of the Kingston community or alumni

UCARE will maintain at least 51% representation from racialized groups.

Co-Chairs, as selected by UCARE members, include a university administrator and a member at large (faculty, staff, student or community member/alumni).

Invitation to Serve

When vacancies occur, UCARE will invite nominations to serve as an undergraduate student member of the Council, and nomination deadlines will be posted.

Nominations are currently closed.
The last deadline was April 1, for the term beginning September 1, 2018.

Application Form (PDF, 29 KB)
Information on how students’ applications are evaluated (PDF, 13 KB)

Please submit one electronic copy of your nomination form to

UCARE Governance and Nominating Sub-Council
UCARE Governance and Nominating Sub-Council Terms of Reference (PDF 356KB)