The Office of Indigenous Initiatives

The Office of Indigenous Initiatives builds community, advances reconciliation/conciliation and integrates Indigenous ways of knowing and being into the fabric and life of the University.

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We're Committed to:

  • Respect and inclusivity
  • Access and support
  • Truth telling
  • Strong relationships
  • Raising awareness
  • Consensus-based decision-making
  • Skennen (Peace)
  • Kahsatstensera (Power)
  • Kahnikonriyo (Righteousness/The Good Mind)

Learn about the resources, programs, funding opportunities and Indigenous initiatives that are helping to build a campus that embraces reconciliation and encourages all members of the Queen’s community to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing.

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The Importance of Indigenous Studies

Kanonhsyonne (Janice Hill) Associate Vice-Principal (Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation) from Queen’s University speaks to the importance of Indigenous Studies.

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