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QICSI Company Profiles

Since its launch in 2012, the QIC Summer Initiative has allowed two hundred undergraduate students to develop a wide variety of companies, everything from financial technology instruments to medical devices.We look forward to continuing to support the QICSI graduates and their ventures into the future. Check out some of the active ventures from each cohort below!

2019 Ventures

backr logo


For creators who have fans yet struggle to get paid, backr is a tool which promotes fan engagement while creating revenue for creators. We work alongside creators existing social platforms and reward fans for every act of engagement, motivating them to do more. 

Big Spoon Lil Spoon

Big Spoon Lil Spoon (BSLS) is a social venture that provides healthy living programs and life skills workshops to people with disabilities and their siblings. Each participant, or ‘lil spoon’, is paired with a university student, or ‘big spoon’, and together they take weekly cooking classes together and learn essential life skills. BSLS’s goal is to help teach participants of all ages learn to be self-sufficient and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Atria Fitness logo
Cromble’s mission is to divert 100% of wasted spent grain and use it in the best way possible.
Kuebecko logo
Doppl is building long-range smart sensor devices in addition to a telecommunications network for IoT devices. With the support of several local municipalities, Doppl’s first product enables city-wide monitoring of garbage bin levels allowing city officials to optimize and reduce costs of garbage removal. Doppl continues to develop new sensor products while scaling the Doppl Network across Canada. 
glocalization hub logo

Glocalization Hub

Glocalization Hub is a marketplace and a connection platform that consolidates all skilling and knowledge-sharing needs to develop people, organizations, and economies.



HeroHub is an online platform that creates a greater social impact by connecting local charities & non-profits to individuals or businesses who are seeking volunteer opportunities, charity events, and to donate new or gently-used items.

InHabit Co-Living

InHabit CoLiving is a flexible shared living space for young professional, transient students and travellers that is affordable and creates a sense of community while addressing the housing and accommodation crisis in Kingston.



LifeLuxe helps retirement communities deliver exceptional wellness programming by improving efficiency, recreation planning, and event management with a one-stop shop web platform.

North Spout logo

Lifted Lingerie

Bras are uncomfortable and inaccessible, Lifted is here to change that. Lifted is a collection of bras designed with style, ease and you in mind. Lifted designs to empower every body, regardless of shape, size, skin-tone and ability. Lifted makes bras easy.

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Netzero is a social enterprise that aims to empower people and businesses to make greener choices and take action in the climate change crisis. At netzero we believe that we all have a part to play.

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nufuuds is a packaged goods company using algae to address the environmental burden of food and lack of quality nutrient sources in our diets. We combine foods with algae to create whole-meals that are both nutritient dense and sustainable.

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Red Gold of Afghanistan

Red Gold of Afghanistan aims to empower women farmers in her home country of Afghanistan to grow premium saffron and sell it to global markets. 

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Stepstool runs in-person workshops where individuals get to create woodworking pieces to use in their home while learning home improvement and troubleshooting skills. We strive to empower people to be more confident and self-sufficient when it comes to repairs and maintenance in their homes.

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wyndo is an AI-powered assistant that takes the guesswork out of insurance by simplifying the most sophisticated insights and allowing users to save money.

2018 Ventures

dream again logo




Acoutera makes it easy to get quotes for your home renovation, purchase the right materials, and pay the contractors - all from your laptop or phone.  

Atria Fitness logo



AquaSwift is a water analytics company focused on providing water organizations and rural homeowners an effective way to track and monitor their water levels. 

Kuebecko logo
BizSkills Academy
BizSkills Academy is a virtual, experiential start-up school that transforms the lives of millions of young people by empowering and guiding them through the process of transforming their ideas, talents, passions, and skills into start-ups and micro businesses. 



ClimaCube is developing portable cold storage units to extend the quality of products as they are in transit, such as samples or vaccinations.  



CTRLgate is a security startup that focuses on community management software for gated communities, tracking each visitor and service worker entering and exiting a community while providing reporting tools in the event of an incident. 

North Spout logo



Durabyte provides a solution to the frequent and expensive turnover of enterprise flash drives by increasing the useful lifespan of these devices. This is achieved using a proprietary algorithm, which optimizes data allocation to decrease flash drive degradation over time.  

North Spout logo


EmulGreen is transitioning towards a more sustainable chemicals sector. They are introducing high-performance emulsifiers based on natural resources that give enhanced emulsion properties. Their current focus lies on cosmetics applications. 

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Firefi is a community based loyalty program that helps small business owners increase retention, reach new customers and make data powered decisions. 

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Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth


Focus Forward is a not-for-profit that collaborates with Indigenous communities from across Canada on self-determined projects, empowering youth through trades-based educational programming. 

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Illumirate provides oxygen therapy to neonates in low-resource settings. They are currently developing a portable, automated, solar-assisted baby incubator to be used in rural clinics in developing countries.  

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InField ID


Infield ID is developing technology for agronomists to easily identify plant pests and invasive species using Artificial Intelligence. 

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Payment Solutions Consulting is a Fin-Tech company that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to data mine for inefficiencies inside businesses merchant accounts.PaymentSolCon intends to be the Robin Hood of the Payment Processing industry by helping businesses save money residually. 

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Short for rehabilitate, Re. is a non-profit venture creating a tool for primary care physicians to easily prescribe home-based exercise and mindfulness therapy, for patients with back pain who otherwise can’t afford or access physiotherapy. 

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Research Stream

Research Stream is a platform to connect researchers with research participants. Their service, supported by an online platform, streamlines the participant recruitment and management process for research studies, taking the participant search out of research. 

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Unicity Studios


Unicity Studios is developing Sandbox, a creativity-enabling piece of software for building applications, games, animations and other dynamic, digital objects. Sandbox is to be sold as a teaching tool for primary and secondary levels, as well as a tool for professionals to rapidly prototype new ideas. 


2017 Ventures

Spectra Plasmonics


Spectra Plasmonics delivers a chemical sensor for applications including food safety, forensics, and law enforcement. With state-of-the-art capability, this device saves time and money in detecting trace levels of harmful compounds in complex mixtures.

Dream Again

Dream Again is working on the customization of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks. The problem with current CPAP therapy is that there are only standard-sized fitting masks for full-face, nasal, and nasal-pillow users. While extensively researching the market, Dream Again has concluded that the best way to find a solution with the current masks, is to focus on the main problem with them, which is non-compliance. There are many reasons for non-compliance, the main ones being: reducing leakage, size, and discomfort. We are working to provide an alternative mask option which helps solve these issues. Our “custom-fit” solution uses scanning and 3D printing to meet these needs.

Your Mobility Innovations

Your Mobility Innovations is dedicated to innovation in the area of assistive devices for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Our product is an adjustable grab bar that can easily adjust to meet the needs of rapidly changing users. Our mission is to change the lives of anyone with physical limitations by improving their independence, safety and confidence with in their community.

2016 Ventures

Rockmass Technologies


Rockmass Technologies enhances the process of geotechnical surveying and data acquisition by improving safety, efficiency and accuracy. The device automatically maps a rock face while the software analyses the data and breaks it down into key information that is used to determine the structural stability of a tunnel, mine shaft and/or rock face.

2015 Ventures

Iris Technologies


Iris Technologies is addressing the negative health consequences LCD screens cause for individuals who suffer from specific medical conditions or who spend a long period of time working at LCD monitors. The solution that Iris is providing is a substitute screen that causes fewer negative health repercussions by using e-paper technology, which is found in devices such as e-readers. 

Iris Technologies Logo

2014 Ventures

Mosaic 3D Printer Addition

Mosaic Manufacturing


Mosaic Manufacturing has created a stand-alone device that attaches to a 3D printer and allows for even and clean printing in colour. Mosaic gained 464 backers and $231,803 CAD in their Kickstarter campaign in 2015, and are now shipping their product. 

Cleanslate UV Scanner

Limestone Labs


Limestone Labs has developed a device that disinfects your cell phone in 30 seconds using ultraviolet light, for use in hospitals, clinics, and seniors’ homes, to prevent the spread of infection. Limestone Labs won $500k USD in 2015 at 43North, the world's biggest business pitch competition, beating out nearly 11,000 applicants. 

Scent Trunk Women Product Sample

Scent Trunk


Scent Trunk was acquired by San Francisco Bay-area company Perfumer's Apprentice in April 2018. Scent Trunk is a subscription-based e-commerce retailer that selects and delivers a personalized selection of premium cologne miniatures each month, chosen based on the preferences, lifestyle and constraints of their customers. 

2012 Ventures

Listn Logo


Listn, acquired by Beatport in 2014 in a high seven figure deal, connects people through music by enabling users to browse each other’s music collection, whether they are best friends or strangers.