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Eqcelerate is an equity crowdfunding platform that offers an affordable and accessible alternative financing solutions for early-stage start-ups and small businesses in Canada. With Eqcelerate, businesses can leverage a small percentage of equity to raise capital from retail investors – think Kickstarter meets WealthSimple

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At MedaKi, our focus is towards increasing accessibility to health care products, providers and information. Currently, MedaKi allows users to order Over-the-Counter products from local pharmacies with same-day delivery. Our platform also allows healthcare practitioners to bring their services online, enabling users to easily book online appointments based on their needs and connect via video or audio chat.

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BizSkills Academy


BizSkills  is a social enterprise that is delivering e-learning solutions for entrepreneurship programs capable of creating millions of scalable micro and small enterprises to create the amount of employment opportunities needed to employ the global youthful population. we do this in partnership with academic institutions and other organizations in the youth and women economic empowerment space. 

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HeroHub is an online platform that creates a greater social impact, through a hub that connects local charities and non-profits to individuals seeking volunteer positions, charity events, and the donation of new or gently-used items. 

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Vectorotor is providing drone technology to inspection service providers to perform inspections that involve physical contact with hard-to-reach infrastructure. 

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Childhood Cancer Survivor Canada

Childhood Cancer Survivor Canada is a charity organization that creates awareness, provides peer support, and brings access to care to childhood cancer survivors across Canada.  

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The Positivity Project


The Positivity Project is a business that allows people to send customized handwritten cards that we will create, handwrite, and ship for you around the world to anyone! By offering convenience, accessibility, and affordability, we want to create a more positive world for all.

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Red Alert Housing


RA Housing (RAH) is an online rental platform which connects student tenants across North America to Housing Providers (Landlords and Property Management). Our services include but are not limited to Property Listings, Rental Reviews, Rental History Check, Rental Score, Tenant Rental Recommendation, Online Payments, Rental News, etc.

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Indezone Energy


Featured on Dragons' Den, Indezone Energy is a natural, patent-pending nootropic (cognitive stimulant), that is approved by Health Canada with a claim to improve brain performance. Developed to naturally increase attention and alertness without the jitters, sugar, or calories of coffee and energy drinks, each capsule is made in Canada at Health Canada licensed facilities with the strictest quality standards. Since launching in 2017, Indezone Energy has become Canada's best-selling cognitive stimulant on Amazon.ca.

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Blackthorn Farms


Blackthorn Farms is an integrated wholesaler and farm that provides fresh fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, restaurants and institutions in Ontario. Our focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable growing practices ensures that the both the locally grown and imported foods that you feed your family everyday are wholesome, from seed to table.

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Besify's mission is to spread free wifi in urban areas. Besify is a wifi marketing service that allows businesses to offer free wifi to their customers at a very low cost, provides important data analytics on customer behaviour and area foot traffic, and lets advertisers advertise with confidence.



Lukabox is a human way to keep track of your medications. Designed for seniors, the device requires no technical knowledge and functions exactly like a traditional pillbox, but has built-in sensors to detect when a compartment is opened. If the user forgets to take their medication, they are offered real-time reminders to help keep them on track. Lukabox also logs dynamic adherence data so that the user can monitor their compliance and keep their family and medical practitioners informed.


Spectrum Academy

Spectrum Academy supports teachers with students on the autism spectrum. We utilize augmented reality applications to develop empathy and educational videos to provide teachers with practical skills to implement in the classroom. Our goal is to ensure that all students with autism spectrum disorder will be able to receive high-quality education.

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Candy Cutlery


Candy Cutlery is a sustainable edible utensil brand that currently specializes in edible dessert spoons, located in over 30 locations across Canada. To learn more, feel free to reach out to lyn@candycutlery.com

Mero Technologies


Mero Technologies is a cloud-based technology startup delivering insights on washroom supply levels to cleaners and property managers. The platform enables its customers to ensure facilities are always kept clean, cleaning staff are properly managed, and that buildings uphold their commitment to sustainable environmental practices. Mero’s product not only saves building managers' money, but also ensures a building's dispensers are always functioning as they should be: with fully stocked supplies.


Whisk is creating a better restaurant experience. By offering a mobile payment platform, no longer will customers have to wait for the bill. Users can easily access deals, split items amongst friends, and pay right from their phones. Restaurants will benefit from quicker turnover, greater customer insight, and happier patrons. By seamlessly integrating with existing restaurant systems, there are no capital or training costs to worry about. It’s time to start dining and dashing…legally.

Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth


Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Indigenous communities by empowering youth through opportunities that will develop employable skills and greater self-confidence. In collaboration with these communities, Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth develops educational programs which will enable youth to improve their own living conditions and develop a greater understanding of land-based living. As facilitators, we create a design, source materials, and acquire funding to make the projects into a reality. Our vision is to scale this program across Canada, empowering youth with the tools they need to succeed while helping their communities thrive. Whether it’s building a greenhouse, a tiny home or something completely unique. The possibilities are endless to create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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Rooted Foods Co. 


Rooted Foods Co. is a grocery delivery service designed specifically for university students. They deliver fresh, affordable, and locally-sourced groceries to the doorsteps of Queen’s students every week at no delivery charge. The company seeks to engage students in the Kingston community by providing them with the tools to buy local, and the resources to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. 

Whee-Bike Group



The Whee-Bike team is developing an affordable mobility solution that will enable individuals who use a wheelchair to independently complete daily tasks with ease. Through leveraging e-bike technology, they are providing a solution that can help unlock the potential of those with mobility constraints. 


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DisTech Automation


DisTech designs and sells the “Prometheus V2”, an all-metal hot 3D printer head that is fully customizable and works with any 3D printer. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the 1-piece nozzle allows for easy assembly and eliminates all internal “melt-zone” junctions. The hot end can print at extremely high temperatures and maintain excellent consistency.


Connectiv8 Logo


Connectiv8 is a student-run platform that brings real-world business projects to talented students. Students can gain valuable experience, earn money, and work on short-term projects that range from web design to prototyping. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations looking to have a project completed can access the pool of talent available to them through Connectiv8; and in doing so, they help to provide students with experience-based education. 
Timberwolf Cycles Logo

Timberwolf Cycles

TimberWolf Cycles integrates performance cycling and history's most tested material: wood.  Producing high performance road bikes from this natural material yields aesthetic and technical elegance.  The unique properties of woods soften road vibration while efficiently delivering power through an exceptionally light weight and beautiful frame.