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Design thinking workshops scaling locally and globally

December 19, 2019

three women in a design thinking workshop

Thanks to recent collaborations, DDQIC is promoting human-centred, problem-solving to a growing audience.

DDQIC has been developing new in-person and online Design Thinking workshops to deliver locally, and recently, in five different countries.

DDQIC entrepreneur Nazaneen Qauomi returned to her home country of Afghanistan to begin setting up operations for her social enterprise, Red Gold of Afghanistan. Nazaneen was invited to deliver DDQIC’s Design Thinking workshop to a group of MBA students at Kardan Unviersity in Kabul on November 6th.

On an undergraduate recruitment visit on November 14th, the DDQIC team delivered a design thinking workshop to over 40 high-school students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

And, DDQIC has been delivering Design Thinking training for staff and students at Queen’s and for three high schools in the Kingston region. Queen’s partners at Pathways to Education are interested in bringing the training to Toronto youth. On separate Advancement and Recruitment initiatives, DDQIC has delivered the material to professionals in Hong Kong, as well as high school youth in Bangalore.

In November, DDQIC received a $25,000 grant from the Ontario government to bring the online version of the Design Thinking workshop to organizations and small businesses as a new online credential from Queen’s University.

DDQIC developed its in-person and online design thinking workshops by adapting resources from the d.school at Stanford University. We continue to draw inspiration from companies like IDEO, founded by Stanford professor David Kelley, who are champions of this human-centred approach to creative problem solving.

The design thinking methodology is at the core of how DDQIC teaches innovation in its proven incubator programs, where 49% of the startup we train in design thinking ultimately succeed in launching a successful venture.

Design Thinking Success Stories at DDQIC

RockMass Technologies

RockMass Technologies developed a fast, accurate, easy-to-use geotechnical data collection device, helping engineers to assess tunnel stability in underground mines. RockMass went into mines and developed their prototype alongside engineers in the field. Learn more.

CleanSlate UV

CleanSlate harnessed the power of UV light to create a 20-second, chemical free solution to sanitize mobile devices, developed alongside hospital staff for use in hospitals. Learn more.

Research Stream

Working alongside researchers, Research Stream developed a service, supported by an online platform, that streamlines the participant recruitment and management process for research studies, taking the participant search out of research. Learn more.