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New model for the Fall DDQIC Regional Pitch Competition

Ventures competed for seed funding and entrance to DDQIC's intensive summer incubator, QICSI

December 18, 2017  | By Joanna Tinus

The Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) has successfully launched its Fall 2017 Regional Pitch Competition. This pitch competition was unique in that it was the first time that ventures could compete for entrance to the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative. Previously, Regional Pitch competitors were only given the opportunity to receive seed funding. This new model allows participants to choose between competing for early stage seed funding (Stream 1) to get their idea off the ground, and competing for a place in the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative program (Stream 2) to receive seed funding, a stipend and intensive training and mentorship to further their venture. It is important to note that successful ventures in Stream 2 do not automatically qualify for admission into the QICSCI program. The winning ventures will require further assessment in a face-to-face interview with their team. 

DDQIC is optimistic that adding the option to compete for a place in QICSI will add value to the program by making admission more competitive. The intensive nature of the program requires full dedication and appeals to those who are ready to fully invest in their venture.

The winning ventures of the 2017 Fall Pitch Competition are: 

Stream 1: 

- Monetta Technologies $7,000 
- Lowegistics Agrictulture $6,000 
- Savori $6,000 
- Lukabox $6,000 
- Spectrum Academy $5,000

Stream 2: 

- Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth 
- AquaSwift 
- Firefi Loyalty 
- CTRLGate 
- Illumirate 
- PhysioNow