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QICSI 2017 Blog #2: Spotlight on Moneta

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and while it seems like just yesterday when the cohort was forming their teams, we are now halfway through the summer program. Today, we have the inside scoop from Moneta on how the first two months are going. Check out our exclusive interview with Madeline, Thiago, Matt, Colin and Andrew below:

What is the venture you are developing?

We are creating a meeting management software that focuses on increasing the productivity of meetings by providing several features. The primary feature is a function that records the audio of the meeting and creates a summary of the content that was spoken about. Another feature includes a central repository to store meeting documentation such as meeting minutes that can be easily searchable by keywords, dates and participants. Additionally, the software would create an individual and group task list by analyzing the summary and meeting transcript and it would send that out to each participant.

What are some challenges you have faced?

The toughest part of being in a startup is making decisions without 100% of the data. It is nearly impossible to gather all of the data that you need to make a reliable decision when you are working at a startup. You have to prioritize the aspects of the decision that count the most and try to gather as much data as possible on those aspects to make data-driven decisions. The portion that the data does not cover is sometimes mitigated by speaking to professionals that have experience in the field. The lack of data can create indecisiveness in a team and can end up delaying the progress and create other complications.

Can you speak a little about the team dynamics?

The team dynamics are great! We already have what some might call “startup rituals” like going for drinks and wings every Thursday and such. We have three Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical and Engineering Physics), one member in Global Development and Education and another in Economics & Business. Although we do not have a lot of design experience as a team, we are technically strong with two programmers and we are also business heavy.

To find out how the other teams are doing, stay tuned for the next blog post!