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Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre

QICSI Success Stories #1: Gryllies

​Does the thought of chewing on crunchy crickets give you the creeps? Perhaps if it was inconspicuously hidden in one of your favourite comfort foods, it wouldn’t bug you so much.

In 2015, five students came together during the Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative to develop Gryllies, a venture committed to creating a high protein pasta sauce through an alternative source of protein that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Their sauces are made with cricket powder. Formulated to be versatile and delicious, Gryllies’ Savoury Tomato Sauce has been well-received by many consumers, including award-winning chef, Liana Robberecht.  

“We see crickets as the protein of the future. They are very rich in various nutrients and are it is a very sustainable source of protein, even more than some plant based protein,” says Esther Jiang, one of the co-founders of Gryllies. “Putting them into a pasta sauce takes away some of the ick-factor of eating bugs while still providing a nutritionally-dense, environmentally-friendly product. Through Gryllies, we want to show people that healthy and sustainable food is/should be delicious.” 

Curious to try it yourself? The sauces are available on the Gryllies website online as well as in store at Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens, Summerhill Market (Summerhill Avenue location), and McEwan (Don Mills location). Visit the Gryllies website to learn more.